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Author of the Week: Brenda Johnson Padgitt

 Brenda Padgitt

 Meet Brenda Johnson Padgitt

Brenda Johnson Padgitt is a mother, author, publisher, educator, entrepreneur, radio host, speaker and above all a humble servant of God. Ms. Padgitt enjoys spending time with her two beautiful girls, Diamond and Kamille. Ms. Padgitt has a B. A. Degree in Broadcast News Communications. She is an experienced educator and has taught and tutored students Pre-K through college.

Ms. Padgitt is also the CEO/Founder of The Young Scholar’s Book Club, The ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild, ASWIFTT Jr. Writer’s Guild, ASWIFTT Publishing, LLC which is the parent company of ASWIFTT Radio, The ASWIFTT Journal & ASWIFTT Television.

Q & A with Brenda

1. How did you become a writer?

My writing background began at the age of 7. I was a little girl who kept a diary with the lock and key. I kept a record of my private thoughts and experiences as a child. When I went to high school I started keeping a journal. Once I filled up one journal I would buy another one to record short stories and my experiences. When I went to college I started writing a manuscript for my first book “How Did I Get Into This Mess?, You Compromised, Saith the Lord.”

In “How Did I Get Into This Mess?, You Compromised Saith the Lord” you will read how and why we compromise the word of God. The book provides encouragement and walks you through steps to get back on track with your Destiny. My first book was published in 2005 and a second edition was published by ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC in 2012.

2. What are you hoping readers take away from your book?

My desire is always to leave the reader with knowledge & insight on any subject I write about in my books. My goal is always to educate because I am a teacher. I want to help people improve their lives for the better.

3. If you were to write a book about a controversial topic what would it be?

The controversial topic I am writing about now is Adultery. I guess that would be considered controversial because perpetrators don’t think anything is wrong with this issue.

4. Are you an avid or occasional reader? If so, what is your favorite genre of books?

I am an avid reader and researcher. My favorite genre is non-fiction and I like historical fiction stories.

5. If you could interview one of your favorite authors, who would it be? Why?

Charles Perrault who wrote Cinderella. He died in his home on May 15, 1702. The famous story of Cinderella is still being read today. It has also been re-written by other authors. I would like to ask him about his author’s purpose for the story of Cinderella. I truly believe there is a message concerning child abuse in this story at the hands of a wicked step-mother.

6. If you could make a movie out of one of your books, which one would it be?

For now it would be “My Baby Sister.” It would be a children’s movie which teaches children how to interact with their siblings in a positive manner and how to resolve sibling rivalry issues throughout the movie.

7. Which marketing/promotions or publicity strategy has worked best in your favor?

Word of mouth, Social Media Networks, Networking

8. Which do you like better traditional or self-publishing? Why?

I like self-publishing. You have more control of the outcome of the book from beginning to end.

9. What new projects are you working on?

I am working on 2 new books. They are scheduled to be released in 2014.

10. Where can readers find you?

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Readers can keep up with my newly released books, events, book signings, products and services at:

About The Book

My Baby Sister

My Baby Sister is a children’s fiction book about Danielle who learns that being a big sister can be really cool. When she was 5 years old her mother announced that a baby sister or brother was on the way. Danielle’s mother was pregnant with her baby sister. Danielle was excited at first until all the attention went on Kayla. As Kayla began to crawl and then walk Danielle did not like the hitting, biting, and kicking that Kayla did to her. Danielle finally learned how to turn the sibling rivalry around.

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