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Music Business: It’s A Dirty Game with Tiwanda Lovelace

About The Book

Music business

Some say, “Oh, no she didn’t”

I say, “Oh, Yes, I did! I have no choice…or would you rather I do as they say and ‘Just Die?” I don’t think so…It’s simple self-defense!

I have published the book that I refer to as – A Game Changer!

This is not just one person’s word against another. This book is not about any one man’s actions and definitely not about a lover’s quarrel. Love had nothing to do with it. This was definitely a combined effort by many to secretly, deliberately abuse, exploit and violate the rights of a few (myself included). Smash and Grab!

She starts by saying that she didn’t wage war on the Music Industry. If her livelihood had not been taking repeatedly by those intending to destroy all evidence of their actions, she probably would not have had the time to complete this book. Even her places of employment were used to inflict harm. She found out later that the last employer has history of direct ties to the music industry. Inside “Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game! You will find proof of blatant civil rights violations, mail tampering, and more!

Even if you think you know of her story, I promise you that you don’t know half of it. There has been great effort put into hiding the truth. As long as a person can remain isolated, this can continue on as it has for decades.

About The Author:

Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace was like many other unknown artist who were used and then discarded by the music industry. She has survived countless attacks on her character, and has lived to tell the tale as a true survivor.

Facing many struggles as an outcast, a black woman, a wife, a mother, and as a writer and lyricist, she has written many songs to which she never received credit. She was the co-writer of the song, “What Can I Say to You (to Justify My Love)” for the artist Hi-Fives, for which the only credit was given.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Lovelace attended Wayne County Community College and studied psychology and paralegal studies. She also attended the Community College of Southern Nevada for psychology and paralegal studies. Currently, she lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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