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Talk About It Thursday: How Author Platforms Relate to Marketing/Advertising by Cherlisa Starks-Richardson

How Author Platforms Relate to Marketing/Advertising


Cherlisa Starks-Richardson

Author platforms and Marketing and advertising are directly related to one another. As a matter of fact, they go hand in hand. However, it’s important to first understand exactly what an author platform is and how to build one. After that, then establish an effective marketing strategy.

So you ask, what exactly is an author platform? An author’s platform is who they are and what they are known as. It’s what an author is perceived to be to the public. When does an author form their platform? The mistake some authors make is waiting until their book is published to build their author platform. That is way too late. It must be done before their book is published. I began building my platform a few years before my book was published. I started a Facebook page and eventually got on Twitter. I began blogging so that I could introduce the world to me as a writer. I began telling people that I was writing a book. I established amazing relationships with people through social media and the people in my sphere of influence got excited about my writing journey. That was how I began building my author platform.  Once my book was in the infancy stages of publishing the people I built relationship with were excited and anticipated the release of my debut novel.

Once it’s understood what an author platform is and how to build one, marketing and advertising strategy should be put in place and then executed. Marketing is very critical to book sales and to being known as an author. Building the author platform is only the beginning. Marketing the book and getting it into reader’s homes is what will ultimately gain dedicated fans that will come to love not only the author but also the author’s work. Many authors drop the ball when it comes to marketing. Marketing for a new book should begin before the book is actually published and should continue well after its release. For an author to go through establishing an author platform and the hard work of writing a book and then not market it is insane. People will not know about your book if you don’t tell them. You have to let the audience you’ve already built know about your work. In addition, authors must continue building your audience through marketing and having a presence where readers frequent. Places such as social media, blogs, and blog talk radio shows, and reader events to name a few. Ultimately, an author platform and marketing and advertising are key factors to an author’s success.

Cherlisa RichardsonCherlisa Starks Richardson is a graduate of Indiana State University and also has an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University. Mrs. Richardson is a motivational speaker and a school board member in her township. Mrs. Richarsdon is the author of the newly released novel, Summer Rain. She and her family lives in Indiana. For more information, visit her website at

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