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Book Spotlight: Bolder and Wiser by Sarah Dale

About The Book


Hit 50 yet? Sarah Dale is about to. This impending event set her wondering about successful ageing, what life looks like for women who have been there and done that, and what adventures are to be had on the other side of 50. In this fascinating and celebratory book, Sarah talks to 20 inspiring women who have not only made it past 50, but are happy to be there. These open and honest conversations, punctuated by Sarah’s observations about her own journey, reflect on friendship, work, health, creativity, marriage, motherhood, money – and whether you should stop dyeing your hair. Sarah Dale is a chartered psychologist and accredited coach. She devised the Creating Focus programme and is the author of Keeping Your Spirits Up. She was born in 1964…

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About The Author

Sarah Dale is an occupational psychologist, coach and author based in Nottingham, UK. She has a business background, with a previous career as a chartered accountant.

Her typical clients and readers are in demanding jobs and situations, and often have many roles and responsibilities. She has always been interested in helping people maintain their equilibrium and well-being in the face of multiple challenges. Of late, as her forties progress, she has been increasingly interested in what successful ageing looks and feels like for women in particular. This prompted her most recent project, Bolder and Wiser, an exploration of ageing based on conversations with twenty women over sixty. This book will be published in November 2013.

She lives with her husband, daughters and step son, loves walking (Nordic walking as well as coastal and hill walking), and time spent idling, chatting or reading in coffee shops. Visit her site at


4 thoughts on “Book Spotlight: Bolder and Wiser by Sarah Dale”

  1. Your book sounds most interesting. I’ve always been fascinated by what makes people tick .Putting bad health and personal circumstances respectfully aside (husband and I have ‘been there’,,,) ageing seems to be a preoccupation with some. Live for today, appreciate your blessings and find something to do which you enjoy. Too much introspection is harmful. I’m 81 (mentally around 40) and am very happy and fulfilled. I find great joy in so much: ‘other half,’ offspring and nature, music, art and especially writing. If your leg aches, think about the man with no leg…Oh, and SMILE AND LAUGH MORE.


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