Book Review: Then Like The Blind Man by Freddie Owens

Then Like the Blind Man 7

Then Like The Blind Man Orbie’s Story

Freddie Brown

Publication Date: November 26, 2013

3 Stars=Okay Page Turner


Then Like The Blind Man Orbie’s Story by Freddie Owens was an uncomfortable book to read. In the story Orbie’s father dies and his mother decides she doesn’t want to be alone. Orbie’s mother starts dating Victor a man who befriended Orbie’s father. Orbie’s life changes after their union. Victor is not at all what he seems.

Orbie is taken to his grandmother’s to live, which does not sit well with him. Orbie has to adjust to his grandparent’s neighbors whom happen to be black. Race and his grandparent’s religion are just a few of Orbie’s issues along with his unruly back talk. Orbie has to have a mindset and behavior change in order to live in his current environment.

This was a disturbing book to me with characters I could not relate with. The plot structure and content development was not there for me and some of the scenes were not carried through.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes only.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley


A Jersey Affair by Georgina Troy

A Jersey Affair Jilted by the man she was expecting to marry, Paige Bingham, a shoe designer from Jersey, decides to enjoy her honeymoon-for-one in Sorrento. What she doesn’t expect is to meet a mysterious entrepreneur, Sebastian Fielding, when she gets to Italy. Sebastian helps soothe her faith in men and gradually the pain recedes from her battered heart, as he introduces her to the beautiful sites he knows and loves. Unfortunately, not long after Paige returns from her trip, she discovers that  not only is this handsome man’s company taking over the struggling store where her business is based, but that her concession is probably going to be surplus to his requirements. How can Paige stop her fledgling shoe design business from falling apart? And what can she do to restore her reputation now that the newspapers have published their untruths about, A Jersey Affair?   About The Author Georgina Troy Georgina Troy lives in Jersey near the sea – well, most people do in an island only 9 miles x 5 miles – she’s always wanted to write and being an impossible romantic is always falling in love with heroes both real (hopefully), in fiction (definitely) and those of her own creation (absolutely). A Jersey Affair is the second in a series of stand-alone romances based in Jersey, which Georgina hopes you’ll read, enjoy and maybe tell your friends about. The first book, A Jersey Kiss is out now. Website: Blog: Twitter: Facebook:

Book Review: Women’s Secrets by Dr. Jessica Houston

Women Secrets

Women’s Secrets: It’s Time To Stop Suffering In Silence

Dr. Jessica Houston

Publication Date: March 5, 2014

4 Stars=Great Page Turner

Women’s Secrets by Dr. Jessica Houston will help women take their first step down a road of recovery to overcome their suffering. This eight-chaptered book discusses everyday issues such as poverty, abuse, dating, finances, depression, education, and restoration. My favorite chapter was Restoration and Transformation. This chapter explains five strategies to place you on a path of restoration. You must correct your mindset, move forward even when you are scared, focus on what your strengths are, look for support and make sure you take care of yourself.

Dr. Houston does a wonderful job explaining each chapter while including her own personal stories as an example. I applaud Dr. Houston for sharing such intimate details of her life. I appreciate the author’s research and citations throughout the book. This was an informative book with meaningful information that readers can understand and put into practice. I recommend Women’s Secrets to others.

This book was provided by the author for review purpose only.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley

Book Review: The Shift by M. Ann Ricks

The Shift

The Shift

M. Ann Ricks

Publication Date: March 1, 2014

4 Stars=Great Page Turner

The Lord is moving in the lives of the Douglass family in The Shift by M. Ann Ricks. A shift is coming as Angels are working to protect the Douglass family from the demonic spirits lingering around them. Veronica Wingham has lived a life of confusion, which prompted her to abandon her daughter, Xion. Veronica has lived by her own rules and in sin but something is directing her to return home. Veronica feels the change even though she is fighting it.

Zeborah Douglass loves the Lord and praises him from delivering her from an abusive marriage. Zeborah has put that life behind her and buried her secrets with it. She is now married to a god-fearing man, Pastor Richard Douglass. Richard and Zeborah have custody of Xion, Veronica’s daughter whose heart is hurting. Zeborah is a prayer warrior who won’t give up because she knows that God can change Xion and Veronica’s hearts. Zeborah can feel the demonic spirits that are attacking her family and she realizes they will need all the prayers they can get to win the battle her family is facing.

Xion has been holding a grudge because of the lifestyle her mother chose over taking care of her. Xion has had a defensive wall up which has given the demons power over her. When Xion’s mother returns home, Xion slowly lets her guard down, opens her heart and receives her calling.

The Shift is a powerful story about the power of God and everything the devil does to keep people from the will of God. This book had me on the edge of my seat. The characters are unforgettable, the plot well thought of and the author does a wonderful job describing the demonic spirits that will give readers a chill. This book was also cause readers to thinking and it is worth reading.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes only.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley