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Bejeweled with Chelle Ramsey

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An avid reader since her primary years, Chelle saw books as an escape mechanism. Excited by the worlds, and characters that could be created with a touch of the imagination, she began writing her own stories at the age of 12. The more enamored with storytelling she became, the more she wanted to create stories about the suffering, and hardships she saw others enduring, with one twist…her characters would rise above their adversities and limitations, but not always with traditional endings.

This busy wife, and mother of three, exchanged her Girl Scout Leader pins for her creative writing pen, as she began to focus on publishing her novels. In her spare time, when she isn’t writing, she enjoys reading mystery novels, watching the NBA, remodeling their home with her husband, and spending time with him and their children. Having received her MBA in Human Resource Management, she says she cannot wait for the day when writing becomes her full-time career. “If I can show my readers they are not alone, in dealing with their challenges, and that they can rise above their limitations, I have achieved my goal,” Ramsey says.

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 About the Book

THE HOUSE OF BEJEWELED– the place all divas go in the ATL for the hottest hair styles and even hotter gossip.

OLIVIA – the owner of The House of BeJeweled hair and nail salon faces the challenge of inspiring the clientele while helping her team of talented stylists pick up the pieces of their broken lives. Paired with their constant drama, she must now fight to keep her heart protected from the one man who has always laid claim to it.
ANGEL – has put up with a lot from the man she loves.  Is his latest betrayal the last straw or can love conquer all? Beware the rage of a woman scorned.

Stop by for a visit and get your hair cut or colored at BeJeweled, where the scissors are sharp, but the tongues are sharper.

Excerpt-Belinda’s Storytelling Gossip

“And then she ran him out the house in his drawers, she had the broom whacking him in the back of the head,” Belinda said. Angel found it hard to stay mad at Belinda long, especially when she was in rare form like today, telling another one of her hilarious stories about her raucous neighbors.

It was a Saturday afternoon at BeJeweled and the clients were flowing in non-stop for hair and nail services. The mild temps of the early summer day brought women, teens, and children out in droves as they prepared for summer vacations.

“Oh Lord, I don’t know how you deal with that madness,” Ms. Helen, Belinda’s client responded.

“Easy, I pull up a chair, and a glass of iced tea, and watch the Friday night matinee,” Belinda explained.

“Why does she continue to put up with it?” Darla asked.

“Honey, they’ve been married for over 50 years and I guess Mrs. Florence ain’t giving Mr. Earl none no more, so he pays the little trollop down the street to come and tickle his fancy, every Friday night when Mrs. Florence goes to play bingo. Usually she doesn’t catch him in the act; she usually just catches Stacy hanging around their yard afterwards, making small talk with Mr. Earl and some of the other neighbors. But this time she caught them in the house and Mr. Earl was just pulling his underwear up. Apparently, Stacy was clothed but getting up off her knees, when Mrs. Florence bursts through the den door, with a broom. She’d heard him hollering out and didn’t know what was going on. So she came armed and prepared for battle.”

Angel and the other ladies in the shop were laughing, because along with her stories Belinda had antics of show-and-tell to demonstrate and bring life to her storytelling.

That’s the moment Black decided to walk through the doors of BeJeweled. Everyone greeted him, some nice and others averting their eyes. Angel knew that the team and clients alike believed he was no good for her; as sweet as she was, everyone wanted better for her. But she had on occasion let a few of them know she had to make her own decisions and live with them.

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