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Talk About It Thursday with Sandra Gabriel

Four Tips For Acquiring Publicity

Let’s face it; almost everyone is after some form of publicity to promote their brand, products or services but with so many people going after the same media outlets as you, how can you stand out amongst the ‘noise’ and gain the attention of the media in your industry?

The very first thing you need to do, before jumping into these four tips is make sure you know everything you need to know about your audience, the media in your industry and the top journalists and editors who report on your industry. DO NOT start writing press releases and sending them out all over the place, before you find out more about the people you’re sending them to. How much do you hate receiving emails and phone calls that have nothing to do with you? Same thing goes for your audience and especially journalists. A sports journalist really doesn’t want to hear about the launch of your new book on love and relationships….unless of course you can find some creative way to combine sports and love…but that’s for another blog post.

Tip #1: Create your story

Once you know enough about the media outlet, their readers/viewers and the journalist or editor it’s important that you craft a story or pitch that you can share with the appropriate editor that is both relevant and timely. For example, if you wrote a book on weight loss, you need to put time into preparing a pitch around what makes your book relevant to that media’s audience and if you have some recent stats and facts on weight loss or the negative effects of being overweight, then you want to include that in your pitch as well. The idea is to create an emotional connection with the reader/viewer of your story.

Tip #2: Share your story

So this tip seems obvious but sometimes people can forget that there are an endless amount of places to ‘spread the news’. Aside from sharing it with your targeted media on one day, find different groups and forums where you can share your story and even other bloggers who might find your story interesting and share it on their blog and then setup a time every week to share your story in new groups and forums. You put a lot of time into your story so better milk it for what it’s worth and share it far, wide and frequently.

Tip #3: Get connected

There are so many people on networks like Facebook and Twitter who you can leverage to get your name out there and some of those people include the same journalists and reporters that you want to cover your story. Once you start following like-minded people, you can begin to build a relationship with them and the more you engage with them and even share some of their stories, is the more open they will be to sharing yours. Publicity doesn’t always have to come from the media. There are lots of growing brands like yours who might have thousands of followers or more and they should be leveraged to build some buzz for you; but remember relationships are a two-way street so always be mindful of how you can incorporate their messaging with yours.

Tip #4: Know your resources

There are two resources I recommend to improve your chances of getting publicity. One of them is where you receive queries from reporters who are currently working on stories that might relate to yours and they just need your quote or comment or maybe even your whole story to feature. Once you sign up, you receive 3 emails a day with a long list of queries that are divided by categories like health, education, technology, lifestyle, business and more.

Another resource I recommend is They have a large newswire network where you can distribute your press releases and newswires are a great place to be when you want to get publicity because a lot of reporters build stories based off of what’s running on the newswire.

Overall, the best thing you can do to get publicity is to have a plan to continuously get your story out to people and not just media. Every week you should have some different means of getting your story out whether it’s to the media, groups, social media, blogs, organizations, at events, etc. It’s really a practice of consistency and showing up in the right places at the right time.

About Sandra Gabriel


Sandra Gabriel is a Brand Stylist, PR Pro & Social Media Strategist on a mission to build the next generation of BIG brands. She’s been studying and practicing PR & Communications for 10 years and is the founder of Gabriel PR, a boutique agency created to transform once voiceless platforms into blossoming bellowing brands. Visit to find out more.

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Falling for The Pirate Book Tour with Amber Lin

falling for the pirate

Vengeance is a dish best served in bed

London, 1820

After the deaths of his parents and a dark, troubled childhood, Captain Nate Bowen vowed he would have his revenge. But he never expected to have the tool of his revenge dropped so neatly into his lap. Juliana Hargate is not only the daughter of his enemy, but is destitute, very much alone—and exquisitely desirable.

And now that Nate has saved her life, she’s at his complete mercy…

Captive. All Juliana wanted was to clear her father’s name. Instead, she’s been struck with amnesia—unable to recall even her name—and imprisoned by a tall, imposing, and entirely unscrupulous pirate. A pirate whose eyes seem to look past her skirts and many petticoats, and whose touch sends delicious ripples of desire through her. With every passing day, she finds herself tempted to give him the very thing he’s determined to take

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Book Review: The Land of Honey by Chinenye Obiajulu


The Land of Honey

Chinenye Obiajulu

4 Stars=Great Page Turner


The Land of Honey by Chinenye Obiajulu details a young newlywed couple’s migration from their homeland of Nigeria to Canada. Their experiences as they seek citizenship and acceptance in a foreign country puts a face to two of the thousands of immigrants seeking residency in new lands. Zimako and his wife Anuli were both degree professionals that couldn’t find employment to mirror their education and skills even though they left Africa assuming life would be much better in Canada.

The couple starts having problems as their love is put to the test due to the compounding issues they faced transitioning. They were subject to being underemployed and suffered financial problems as they tried to survive in the new land. In addition, the attention Anuli is receiving from an old friend adds to the confusion with her husband. The couple is faced with a medical diagnosis that causes them to re-examine their dreams and lives together.

This book was interesting and had me feeling sorry for the couple that tried so hard to adapt to a culture and country that did not seem so welcoming. This is a good book for those wanting take a look into the lives of immigrants. After reading the author’s bio I realized that she had first-hand knowledge of the experience. I enjoyed this book and I recommend it to others.

Reviewed by Tracy Cooper

Book Features

Go In Faith and You Will Prosper with Owusu Afriyie

Go In Faith and You Will Prosper

Purchase at AMAZON

Exhibiting the Force of Faith to Execute Your Calling!

Permit Prophet Owusu Afriyie to help making your calling successful and fulfilled through Go In Faith, and You Will Prosper. The journey to fulfill your ministry and profession demands faith only. Because of that you must use your faith wisely depending on the Lord. Faith is the main thing that you possess to control and overcome the affairs of the world. You will communicate with heaven as a faith practitioner and direct the affairs of life supernaturally:

Ÿ God will Direct Your Path by Faith
Ÿ Speak as it Ought to be

See your dream comes to pass as you feed on the Word of God believing what God has said will happen as you stay on board. Speak the Word of Faith in the direction God gives you and never be regretted.

Reverend Afriyie is a Fasting and Prayer minister who was asked by the Lord to fast 2 forty days in a year. He was instructed to do this for a special ministry. Owusu Afriyie tested the waters of mandate and the Holy Spirit performed awesomely. This book will teach you faith that achieves.


About The Author

The Lord advised Owusu Afriyie in May 3, 2010, to write books. He had a dream in late 90s of huge volumes of books, which indicates the writing assignments ahead of him. Afriyie always says to the Lord, “I am yours to command.” As the Prophet Samuel to the Lord, in the presence of the Priest Eli, so is Owusu.

Prophet Owusu Afriyie is a Fasting and Prayer organizer by divine calling. God led him to fast two, 40 days for 10 years, and one, 40 days for 3 years for His power and work (1999-2012). God told him to go in faith and prosper in the work after the fast was over. The Lord has directed him to go back to Ghana to start the work from there and enter other worlds. God has given him a mandate to do Crusades and Plant Churches. Owusu Afriyie says this looks impossible, but with God, it is a done deal. He sees it as God asked Abraham to go a place without a map. Finally, Abraham made it as God directing him from the inside out. Prophet Owusu Afriyie says he will make it, with the Mighty Holy Spirit (the Champion) inside him; the mandate will prosper and succeed with great optimism.

Owusu Afriyie is a theologian, graduated from Concordia University, and the founder of the Apostolic Creative Faith Ministries in Montreal, Canada. He is the senior minister of the Ministry. Prophet Afriyie is married to Boatemaa, and is the father of seven children: Millicent, Rose, Daniel, Joseph, Victoria, Theresa, and Samuel.


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