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Book Review: The Land of Honey by Chinenye Obiajulu


The Land of Honey

Chinenye Obiajulu

4 Stars=Great Page Turner


The Land of Honey by Chinenye Obiajulu details a young newlywed couple’s migration from their homeland of Nigeria to Canada. Their experiences as they seek citizenship and acceptance in a foreign country puts a face to two of the thousands of immigrants seeking residency in new lands. Zimako and his wife Anuli were both degree professionals that couldn’t find employment to mirror their education and skills even though they left Africa assuming life would be much better in Canada.

The couple starts having problems as their love is put to the test due to the compounding issues they faced transitioning. They were subject to being underemployed and suffered financial problems as they tried to survive in the new land. In addition, the attention Anuli is receiving from an old friend adds to the confusion with her husband. The couple is faced with a medical diagnosis that causes them to re-examine their dreams and lives together.

This book was interesting and had me feeling sorry for the couple that tried so hard to adapt to a culture and country that did not seem so welcoming. This is a good book for those wanting take a look into the lives of immigrants. After reading the author’s bio I realized that she had first-hand knowledge of the experience. I enjoyed this book and I recommend it to others.

Reviewed by Tracy Cooper

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