Book Review: Center Point by R. M. Clark

Center POint

Center Point

 R. M. Clark

Publication Date: November 20, 2013

4 Stars=Great Page Turner


R.M. Clark’s Center Point is a mystery novel that will keep you turning the page for more clues. Dennis, the main character, is at a pivotal point in his life. He has just turned 25 but has not been able to finish anything including his undergraduate studies. While he is celebrating at the local bar with friends, Dennis father’s lawyer hands him some bad news.  The money from his father’s estate is running out. This is not good news for Dennis because the money has been funding his education.

In addition to that, the lawyer hands Dennis a packet his father wanted him to have once he turned 25. This packet contains clues that could clear his father’s name. In order to do that, Dennis must be willing to follow all the clues. Will he be able to finish the task and clear his father?

The historical details along with the clues left me wanting to follow Dennis’ journey. I think the author’s focus was not so much on the mystery itself, but on Dennis’ journey to complete something and find out who he is. While this is not a typical mystery, I believe most readers will find this an entertaining and intriguing read.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes only.

Reviewed by Charlotte Chinn


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