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Book Spotlight: Post-Traumatic Street Derailment by Afrah Caraballo


No matter where trauma comes from, it’s always violent.
It breaks hearts and shatters shields – regardless if it’s caused by an earthquake, fire, flood, hurricane, abuse, a car crash, murder, or something else. Those who suffer from trauma often wonder if there’s something wrong with them.

Afrah Caraballo, a licensed clinical social worker specializing in mental and emotional trauma, wants those who suffer to know that there are logical explanations for their feelings and behaviors. She helps caregivers and victims of trauma:
• Identify the cause of the problem;
• Validate loss and begin the healing process;
• Overcome the sense of guilt and shame that hold many hostage.
You’ll also discover how to recognize the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and get details on how trauma affects different age groups.
Regardless if you’re a clinical social worker, victim of trauma, or caregiver to someone who is suffering, you’ll find this guide an invaluable tool to helping yourself and others.


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