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Talk About It Thursday with Kem Smith

How my first book release party did not go off with a hitch


Kem Smith

I wish I could say my book launch release party went off without a hitch.  For a couple of reasons, I was in a rush to get the book published.  I set a date for the party before having the book completed and in hand.  On my last meeting with the editors, they suggested I cancel the release party and finish the re-writes they recommended.  I notified all the invitees that I was pushing the release date back 30 days.  It took 2 weeks to do the re-write.  I had to meet again with the editors again.  Although, they approved the final copy and I ordered a preview copy of the book with time to spare, I didn’t see a need to pay for rush shipping.

Who knew the publishing company would take two weeks to print a preview copy of a book?  By the 14th day, the books hadn’t been shipped.  I panicked because I realized I wouldn’t have my books in time for my release party.   I ordered 50 books with expedited shipping and prayed.  Days later, the preview copies came.  To my dismay, the preview copies had mistakes! How had we let these typos get past our keen editing eyes?

To add to my disappointment, the 50 books that I ordered were set to arrive the Monday after the launch. Well, I wasn’t about to disappointment my fan base with yet another postponement.  I held the release party anyway.  We talked about the road to publishing.  The editors attended the party so they discussed their favorite parts of the book.  We used the book discussion guide in the back of the book to stimulate discussion and I lively discussion it was.  Chipotle actually catered the event and there were about 40 attendees.   I was ecstatic that so many people came out to support my first novel.  I sold almost all of the books that day.

On Monday, when the 50 books arrived, the typos hadn’t disappeared.  I  had prayed away those mistakes in Jesus name.  How dare those words defy me!  I sent messages to everyone who pre-purchased the books and let them know there were a few typos in the book and if they wanted one I would deliver.  People were eager to get their books so I distributed them and then ordered another set of  corrected books.  Just last week, I noticed another error on the back cover.  I am currently waiting for the graphic artist to fix those two mistakes.  Publishing is not for the faint at heart.

 About Kem Smith

Kem Smith

Kem Smith is well known as the Owner of K.I.S.S. Fitness Studio. Equally at home in the health and physical fitness sector as she is in the world of words, Smith is the author of both non-fiction and fiction. In 2012, she released her debut title Sexy by the Weekend: A Practical Guide to Living an Extraordinary Life, which encouraged readers to get their sexy back using 7 practical keys for glamorous, alluring, and exciting living. She is also the author of two other titles, Swag on 10, a gripping tale about a young man who believes swag is everything until he experiences God swag and Why I Quit Teaching, a new teacher’s guide to surviving and thriving in the classroom.

Smith graduated from Fontbonne University in St. Louis, MO with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. A former teacher of English, Reading, Writing and Communication Arts, Smith has taught in elementary, middle and high school as well as serving as an Adjunct Professor for St. Louis Community College. She served as an active participant in Missouri Writers Workshop for over 7 years and has had her poetry published in Missouri Teachers Write magazine. Smith earned post-graduate course credit from University of Missouri in Teaching Writing Inquiry.

In addition to running her fitness business, writing books and nurturing her family, Smith is a writer for Education for All, Inc.’s Involved Parent Magazine and will be featured in the anthology “I Define Me” being published by the Nia Group Stl, Inc. Smith has written for the St. Louis American on education choices, been interviewed on several radio and television shows including Teacha Tigue’s Let’s Talk Shop on 1380AM The Woman, on Nichelle Womack’s Small Business Hour on 690AM, along with segments on Great Day St. Louis and News Channel 9 special program focused on Teaching the Teachers.

The daughter of a military father, Kem Smith was born in Amberg, Germany. She has lived in North St. Louis County since her family returned to the United States. She resides in St. Louis with her husband and children. Visit her on the web at



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