Book Review: My Steps Are Ordered by Michelle Lindo-Rice


My Steps Are Ordered

Michelle Lindo-Rice

Publication Date: August 1, 2014

5 Stars=Non-Stop Page Turner

Gina, Michael and Keith Ward are back in My Steps Are Ordered by Michelle Lindo-Rice. Gina has everything she needs but her wants have been placed on hold. What should a woman do when she wants her brother-in-law instead of her husband? My Steps Are Ordered is here to answer that question. Gina is a wonderful mother and caring wife but has kept her feelings secret to stand by her husband. When her son Trey becomes ill the secret Gina has been holding comes to the forefront. She has no choice but to own up to her part but her husband, Michael believes there is a better punishment.

Michael Ward has a loving and supportive family that he believes can do no wrong.  Michael is put to the test when his son becomes ill and he learns how little he knows about his wife. Michael cannot deny his flesh and decides to make someone pay for the pain he is feeling. Will revenge make Michael feel better?

Keith Ward has tried for the longest to deny his feelings for his sister-in-law. When he finds out his nephew is sick, Keith rushes to be with his family but especially Gina. Keith’s visit ignites past desires and he soon finds himself back in a place he tried so hard to stay away from. When secrets are revealed and Keith finds himself in the middle of the storm, will he run or stand strong like the God-fearing man he has become?

Michelle Lindo-Rice does not disappointment in the second book in the On The Right Path series. The characters share a little more about themselves in this installment and I found myself feeling sorry for Gina and Keith but disliking Michael. This was an exciting, emotional yet suspenseful book that I could not put down. The author does a wonderful job expressing issues in marriage, how secrets affect a family and how God can turn any situation around. I love this author’s writing style and look forward to her next installment.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes only.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley


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