Book Review: Claiming Callie by Paige Rion

Claiming Callie

Claiming Callie

Paige Rion

Publication Date:  June 3, 2014

4 Stars


Callie Cartwright has to learn responsibilities in Claiming Callie by Paige Rion. Callie is a senior in college working toward her dream job with GG Financial. It is Callie’s whole plan for living the life she wants after graduation. Callie has one problem she is a shopaholic with massive debt. How can Callie work in finance if she can’t take care of her own finances? Mr. Bucek has the answer Callie will have to eliminate her debt to have a chance to get her dream job. Callie is determined to get the job so she develops a drastic plan to cut down her debt. Will she go through with it? Or will an unlikely guy change her mind?

Dean Michaels has had a crush on Callie from afar. Dean knows he needs to let Callie know how he feels but his nerves haven’t allowed it yet. Dean is also worried that Callie is his sister’s best friend and doesn’t want to cause problems. When he learns about Callie’s plan to cut down her debt, Dean decides it is time to let her know and to step in a stop her from making a huge mistake.  Will Dean be able to get the girl of his dreams?

Claiming Callie is a fun story about a young woman that needs some structure on her spending habits because it has affected everything in her life. In this first installment, the author allows readers to get to know Callie while introducing a love interest. The author then leaves readers guessing on what will happen next. It was an entertaining book to read and I look forward to reading part two of this series.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes only.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley


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