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An Event to Remember or Forget by Melissa Baldwin


An Event to Remember… or Forget

Sienna Harris is a girl with a plan. Her days of slaving away at Carrie’s Classic Events and More are numbered as she is on the brink of launching her own event planning company. Her relationship with Luke Price is headed in the right direction and they are approaching their one-year mark. The future is looking bright and she knows that life could not get any better . . . That is until her perfectly planned world is thrown upside down by the unexpected arrival of someone from Luke’s past.
She receives the shock of her life on the night of the biggest event of her career. Sienna will now have to pull it all together without a list or a plan. The question is, can she do it?


 Melissa Baldwin

 Author Melissa Baldwin

Melissa graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications; she has always had a love for writing. An avid journal keeper, she fulfilled her dream with her debut novel, An Event To Remember . . . Or Forget.
Melissa resides in Orlando, Florida, with her husband and young daughter. She is a master at organization and multi-tasking. Her daily jobs include mother, chauffeur, wife, PTA President, Fitness Trainer, and now Author.
When she has free time, she enjoys traveling, fitness, decorating, fashion, and taking a Disney Cruise every now and then.

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Rogue Nirvana by Sally Naylor


Sally Naylor, daughter of a highly decorated WWII combat veteran, FBI agent, and lawyer, and a sweet, stay-at-home, southern belle mother, roamed the world, growing up as an “Air Force Brat.” This gypsy was raised with and confused by both the sword and the cross. A series of crises motivated her to engage in this rogue romp to Nirvana as she sorted through the impossible expectations of her middle class upbringing.

And yes, she did attain her own Nirvana but in an unexpected & bizarre manner

Before setting aside societal conditioning, this renegade, scamp and unrepentant rascal thrived as an upper school English teacher and curriculum developer.  Naylor’s students have had their work featured in many publications and have won numerous writing awards. In addition to teaching creative writing and blogging, she served as an in-school counselor where she initiated student peer-to-peer counseling, mediation and AIDS Ed programs.

She also engages in life coaching, interviews, speaking and facilitating workshops. Her first book of poetry, Firebird, a story of regeneration and cancer recovery, published in January 2012 is also available on Amazon. Her next book is titled The Estrogen Project. Also in the works are Rogue’s Release: Relief in 30 Minutes a Week, a creative writing text, and two poetry books: Heresies & Sweet Basil and Exit Stage Left.

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Educator, counselor & poet, Sally Naylor celebrates the release of her second book Rogue Nirvana — Beyond Woo-Woo: Create the Life You Love. If you’ve ever wondered if this is all there is or wondered what’s missing in your life’s journey, this book offers a comedic yet laser-focused excursion into how societal norms, self-help, & new age spirituality do not often offer you relief. After battles with chronic fatigue, cancer, & widowhood, Naylor sought, synthesized & now shares in this field guide, her belief that you too can construct your own personal Nirvana.

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For Love and Country by Elizabeth D. Michaels


For Love and Country

When A Man Is Torn Between Honoring His Country And The Woman He Loves, The Best Option Might Be To Choose Both.

When Maggie du Woernig willfully ignores her parents’ admonitions and entangles herself with Nik Koenig, she is certain he’s the only man who will make her happy. Blind to Nik’s real intentions, she throws herself recklessly into a situation that could not only destroy her life but compromise the safety of her country.

Han Heinrich has resigned himself to working in the castle stables, mostly as an excuse to have contact each day with Maggie. His aspirations for a more fulfilling career seem fruitless, in spite of his father’s position as the duke’s highest advisor. But when Han learns about Maggie’s precarious situation, he is willing to sacrifice everything to protect the woman he loves, and to save the country he would die for. He only hopes that someday Maggie will forgive him.

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Author Elizabeth D. Michaels


Elizabeth D. Michaels began writing at the age of sixteen, immersing herself ever since in the lives created by her vivid imagination. Beyond her devotion to family and friends, writing has been her passion for nearly three decades. While she has more than fifty published novels under the name Anita Stansfield and is the recipient of many awards, she boldly declares The Horstberg Saga as the story she was born to write, with many volumes in the works. She is best known for her keen ability to explore the psychological depths of human nature, bringing her characters to life through the timeless struggles they face in the midst of exquisite dramas.

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Book Review: Rejected But Still Prevailing by Keith Taylor II

Keith's book

Rejected But Still Prevailing

Keith Taylor II

Publication Date: June 11, 2014

5 Stars=Non-Stop Page Turner


Rejected But Still Prevailing was a great book to read. I feel it is more like a manual of learning how to deal with rejection. The author provides personal accounts of experiencing rejection throughout his life. He provides biblical references to allow the reader to apply it with each situation of rejection they may experience. Along with the firm words of advice of how to overcome and rise above rejection, this book will inspire you.

This was not a lengthy read but it is packed with a great amount of useful and valuable information. I believe everyone can benefit from the advice this author provides and be inspired by the words on the pages. I would highly recommend this book to others.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes only.

Reviewed by Tracy Cooper