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Book Spotlight: Maidens in the Night by Mark Morey


It is Whitechapel in London, November 1888. Young, attractive prostitute Mary Kelly is stalked by someone, but who? Former client Joe Flemming, the serial killer Jack the Ripper who has murdered four or five prostitutes already, or someone else? She knows any man she meets could kill her, but she has no choice other than to work the streets.

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About The Author

I am part time in the workforce and a part-time author these days, although writing has formed a large part of my career for many decades. As a business analyst since the early ‘eighties, I wrote countless system specifications, user manuals, training guides, funding proposals, reports, agendas, minutes… After a four-year interlude in Customer Services I am now working in Information Technology again (it seems I can’t keep away so I must be suited to it). And for many years there was nothing better than to read a well-crafted nove and take an exciting journey to a distant place or time. I knew what I liked and what I didn’t like, but writing a novel didn’t cross my mind until relatively recently. The combination of too many years writing dry, technical documents and a visit to the local library where I couldn’t find a book that interested me led me consider a new pastime. Write a book. That book may never be published, but I felt my follow-up cross-cultural romance-crime hybrid set in Russia had more potential. So much so that I wrote a sequel that took those characters on a journey to a very dark place.

The opening of the Red Sun Will Come came to me in a dream, and to this day I have no idea why Moscow. I had never been there before, but during the course of developing this novel we did visit Russia, and my wife and I both fell in love with Moscow. It is a world city: exciting, dynamic, visually beautiful and more What better setting for a romance with many difficulties?

Beyond part-time work and part-time writing I enjoy travel, and especially riding my Triumph motorcycle.

But writing is my favourite pastime, both at work and at home, and I have many more tales that I would like to tell. Keep in touch to see where my next journey will take you. Visit the author’s site at


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