Book Review: Born at Dawn by Nigeria Lockley


Born at Dawn

Nigeria Lockley

Publication Date: September 30, 2014

4 Stars=Great Page Turner

Cynthia Barclay believes in for better or worse but in survival more. When is it time to say enough is enough? Cynthia reaches this limit in Born at Dawn by Nigeria Lockley. Cynthia leaves to find herself after dealing with her husband’s issues long enough. It breaks her heart to leave her children but it had to be done.

Cynthia moves to Richmond, Virginia with a small amount of money and the belief that she would secure a better a life for her and her children. She becomes a chef and as her dream becomes a reality tragedy strikes back in her hometown. Cynthia life had been going well and she knows going back home may cause a distraction.

Cheo is a photo journalist who befriends Cynthia after she moves into his apartment building. Cheo and Cynthia’s friendship grows as does their attraction to each other. Cynthia is hesitating because of the baggage she carries as well as still being married. Cheo is willing to wait because the love he has for Cynthia is hard to ignore any longer. When Cheo finds out Cynthia has to go back to her hometown for a family emergency, he wonders if she will return.

Born at Dawn was a wonderful story about finding real love even in the worse circumstance. I applaud Cynthia for her strength and that she realized that she deserved better. However, I was also upset with Cynthia because of the children and what they were left to deal with. The author does a wonderful job building up the relationship between Cynthia and Cheo, which kept me interested. I was also shocked by the twist in the story which tugged at my heart. I look forward to reading more by the author and recommend Born at Dawn to others.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley


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