Book Review: Forever an Ex by Victoria Christopher Murray


Forever an Ex

Victoria Christopher Murray

Publication Date: June 17, 2014

4 Stars=Great Page Turner

Asia, Kendall and Sheridan are back in this new installment, Forever an Ex by Victoria Christopher Murray. These ladies have formed a sisterhood since meeting seven years ago. Asia has tried to stay away from her ex, Bobby but it seems that is going to be hard to do. Bobby is married and Asia truly believes his wife is trying to steal her daughter. Asia is not going for it but agrees to let her daughter go on a trip. Asia soon realizes she has met her match because Bobby’s wife has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Sheridan has moved on with her life after her husband left her for another man. At least it seems like she has moved on. Sheridan is married to Brock and all seems well until she speaks to her ex’s new fiancé, Harmony. Sheridan is shocked that Harmony wants to speak to her. She is even more shocked when she sees her ex up to his old tricks. Sheridan must decide if she should tell Harmony or mind her own business?

Kendall is still hurting from her sister, Sabrina’s betrayal and can’t seem to forgive her. Kendall is too busy taking care of her sick father, which helps forget what her sister did. Kendall and Sabrina have to work together to take care of their dad. Kendall soon has extra help when her ex-husband’s brother, D’Angelo starts paying close attention to her. She tries to ignore their attraction but it starts becoming harder to do. When a tragedy occurs Kendall realizes that holding grudges only hurts the person holding them.

Forever an Ex is another life message that these characters are dealt. The twists in the story kept me anticipating what would happen next. These characters have to deal with their ex’s in some form or fashion but sometimes it is better to leave them in the past. I recommend Forever an Ex to others.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley



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