Talk About It Thursday

Talk About It Thursday: Mysteries and Me

Hello Authors & Readers,

It is time for Talk About It Thursday and for the month of January I will be discussing mysteries. Do you like curling up with a glass of wine and a good mystery? Who doesn’t? I know I do and there are a lot of old school mysteries such as Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Murder She Wrote and even Agatha Christie. These are the ones many of us have grown to love.

In this day and age there are additional types of mysteries. I realized this when I stumbled across an article written by author Melissa Bourbon. Her article points out four different types of mysteries. One type is cozy mysteries. In a cozy mystery there is always a murder and the one looking into the murder, doesn’t realize he or she has landed themselves in the middle of the investigation. This is the reason why I have taken a liking to reading them. Some cozy mysteries also throw in a little humor to keep the reader turning the pages and that is just alright.

The author I mentioned, Melissa Bourbon is one of many authors that write cozy mysteries, can you name an author that writes cozies? Let me know where to find them by leaving a comment.

Next week I will discuss two more types of mysteries that I like. If you want to view additional types of mysteries stop by Seattle Mystery Bookshop.

You come back now you hear!

Teresa Beasley


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