Book Review: Be Ye Transformed by Bishop Sheldon D. Newton

Be Ye Transformed

Be Ye Transformed

Bishop Sheldon D. Netwon

Publication Date: October 3, 2013

5 Stars=Non-Stop Page Turner

Bishop Sheldon D. Newton penned a phenomenal work. The benefits of this for all the newly saved and those who have walked this journey for some time.  Bishop Newton presents great insight on being born again.  There is a misnomer that being saved means a life free of trouble.  This deceptive idea can be very disheartening to those who do not understand.  Bishop Newton addresses this misnomer very well.  He also give assurance that one is not alone with this thought.  Lastly, he addresses the Rebirth (Transformed) process, through the mind, soul, and spirit.

From the first page, I found this book to be extremely beneficial.  It took me some time to finish the book, but for good reasons.  In reading, I found myself studying the Word of God.  Bishop Newton offers an abundance of insight.  His way of being transparent is a strong magnetic force that draws his audience in.

I would definitely recommend Be Ye Transformed! as a book that everyone not only have in their library, but one that we re-read often.   In fact, I started referring others this blessed piece of ministry before I completed the book.  I can easily see this being taught in new membership classes around the world.  If new believers have access to this knowledge in the beginning of their spiritual lives, there won’t be so many abandoning their walk.  This is a must have and read.  I strongly recommend all to get a physical and digital copy of masterpiece!

This book was provided by the author for review purposes only.

Reviewed by Arthur Smith II






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