The Reviewer Chronicles: Yes, I Review Books


I love books so to say I am an avid reader would be spot on. I can’t leave home without at least three to six books in my tote bag. I love tote bags because there is lots of space to hold my books. So, as I am telling you all of this, you may be wondering how I became a reviewer, let me explain.

I joined a book club as a form of connecting with others whom love to read books. After becoming a member there was an option to become a book reviewer for the club. I took a leap and became a reviewer. I enjoyed it because not only was I able to read and give my feedback on wonderful books, I was able to meet upcoming and seasoned authors. This gave me the opportunity to build relationships within my book club as well as the author’s books I was reviewing. And thus my journey as a reviewer grew and grew.

I give thanks to APOOO BookClub because this group of literary women gave me the opportunity to be a part of their group, the confidence to review books and opportunity to build relationships. Well this gives you a little insight on me, Teresa Beasley, Book Reviewer. In two weeks, I will be talking to you about what to expect in a book review.

Until next time,

Teresa Beasley


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