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Interview with D.U.Okonkwo


The extraordinary story of how a facially-scarred and reclusive sculptress breaks free upon discovering the true source of self-esteem.

Riana “Ria” Ofor is a gifted sculptress whose beautiful creations could draw crowds. But due to the childhood accident that left her facially-scarred, she avoids selling her work publicly, instead scraping a living through online sales. But when a home repossession notice arrives, both her love for sculpting, a well as her home, suddenly come under threat.

Now she is forced to step out of her comfort zone and enter the very public world of gallery showings. When she does land a gallery contract however, she finds herself the target of a rival artist after the very same contract. And with malicious lies, he intends make her regret taking what should have been his. Now, for the first time, Ria must look to find a truth that conquers all lies.


Born and raised in London, D. U. Okonkwo writes commercial literary fiction. She graduated from the University of Salford with a BSc in Business with Spanish which included an ERASMUS exchange living in Salamanca, Spain. RISE is her first novel.

To learn more about D. U. Okonkwo, visit her website at:  She is also on Twitter @duosays, and keeps a blog at

Q & A with D. U. Okonkwo

A&RBC: Where is the setting for Rise? Is it a place you are familiar with?
D. U.: Rise is set in London where I live. People familiar with the city will recognise some of the places I mentioned in the book.A&RBC: Which character was the hardest to write?
D. U.: Ria, the main character, most definitely. Her struggles are internal / mental, so I had to try and capture that in a way that captured her mental struggles to the reader. Although she has scars on her face which are a physical and visual things it is the effect that the scars have had on her psyche that I had to try and portray.A&RBC: What do you want readers to take from Rise?
D.U.: The importance of pursing the truth.A&RBC: What 4 tips can you give an individual wanting to make writing their career?
D. U.:1. Read a lot.
2. Share what you learn with other writers
3. Strive to make your work the best it can be
4. Understand that constructive criticism / feedback is your best friend when writingA&RBC: Who is D. U. Okonkwo?

D.U.: D. U. Okonkwo was born and raised in London. An avid reader from childhood, she began writing her own stories at the age of ten. She had the idea for RISE after browsing other novels in a book shop one day. She is currently writing her second novel.A&RBC: Are you an avid or occasional reader? If so, what is your favourite genre of books?
D.U.: I’m an avid reader. I lean towards historical non-fiction and fiction, romance fiction, thrillers.A&RBC: What has been your biggest achievement/challenge as an author?
D.U.: Editing. Often when you think your book is as good as it can be….it usually isn’t.

A&RBC: What new project (s) are you working on?
D.U.: I’m currently working on my second book, it is not connected to Rise; it is a completely new novel. It will be released later this year.

A&RBC: Where can readers find you?

D.U.: Readers can find me at the following places:




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