The Reviewer Chronicles

Do You Know What’s Expected in A Book Review?

Book reviews are another avenue in helping readers purchase books. As an avid reader, reviews have helped me make purchases. I like to see what others think of the book and then I make my own decisions. After reading I express my opinions in the review section with everyone else.

A book reviewer has responsibilities when he or she accepts a book for review.

  • To fully read and understand the content of the book.
  • Take notes as he or she reads to keep content in order. It also helps to see if storyline is consistent and flowing properly.
  • To see if synopsis is a true representation of the book’s content
  • To overview the book cover to see if it represents the storyline of the book.

Now onto what is expected in the review:

  • Give an overview of the book.
  • Expression likes and dislikes of the book
  • Provide suggestions to the author (ex: grammatical errors, timeline errors)
  • Provide a rating and if you recommend the book to others

The key is to be respectful of the author’s work but to also give an honest opinion of the book with suggestions that can improve the reader’s experience. Reviewers have to be mindful of how they communicate to not only the author but other readers.

If you do not like a book and have giving it a 2 star or lower rating, respect the author by informing him or her before posting the review. If asked not to post it than be considerate and don’t post it because remember authors are in the business to sale books. Reviewers are in the position to help authors’ sale books. If you think about it being a book reviewer can open doors for networking opportunities as well as helping build relationships in the industry.

Also you have to remember that you (the reviewer) just might become an author one day. I’m sure you would want respect for your work, I know I do. This is just one book reviewers opinion.

Until next time,

Teresa Beasley


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