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Author DiShan Washington shares Diary of a Mad First Lady 2

Diary of a Mad First Lady 2

 wifey 2

Lisa Hodges is the quiet reserved First Lady of the fast growing Pilgrim Baptist Church. Those around her do not know that her quietness is a direct reflection of her of her discontent life. Charles, her husband, has his focus on climbing the ministerial ladder and the many women standing in line to fulfill his every need and desire–that he fails to acknowledge his wife’s growing frustration. Lisa, the mother of three, has gotten lost in the lives of her children and the role of being First Lady–and has long ago giving up obtaining any happiness of success of her own. The very sexy and talented Alex Mitchell arrives at her church, causing Lisa to feel her only happiness came in a brown eyed, caramel-skinned, muscled, and six foot frame. The two soon begin a sexy whirlwind affair that results in a forbidden shared love and unwanted pregnancy. On the other hand, with secrets of his own, Alex threatens to expose them all, one secret at time. Will Lisa be able to deny her love for Alex and fix the mess she’s gotten herself into? Or will her action bring down her husband, the church, and her family?

Meet DiShan Washington   


DiShan Washington, is a native of Valley, Alabama. Married at the age of 16, she became one of the youngest known First Ladies (Pastor’s wife) at the age of 17 and with this feat came incredible challenges that led to bouts of low self-esteem, depression, two suicide attempts, and a plethora of other struggles that she openly shares. Most recently, the landscape of her life changed and her marriage of 15 years came to an end. This took DiShan from living a life of luxury to homelessness and even days of wondering where her next meal would come from. By far her greatest trial yet, her faith was tested on the greatest level. But, determined to persevere, she kept pressing and is even more determined to make her mark in the world, all while encouraging others to keep going.

She is currently the National and Essence best-selling author of, “Diary of a Mad First Lady” (Urban Books-March 2010) and “The Preacher’s Wifey” (February 2013); author of “Delilah: The Man (A Single Woman’s Guide to Not Choosing The Wrong Man), and the nationally recognized playwright for plays such as: “Everything That Look Good Ain’t Good For You”, “Is Love Supposed To Hurt?”, and “I Can If I Want To”. Her theatrical and literary work, has gotten the attention of prominent filmmakers, radio hosts, journalists, magazines, production companies, and even pastors across the nation.

She is schedule to release three books in 2015 .Two of the books will be releasing under her own publishing company. The third book will be released with Brown Girl Publishing.

DiShan is also a powerful and prolific minister, teacher, life coach, and motivational speaker. Having spoken & shared on major platforms throughout the country, her willingness to be transparent about her struggles and success often leaves her audience wanting to hear more. She was featured on the TLC reality show, Sisterhood, in January 2013.

DiShan has graced the National Bestseller’s List for the past four years. She is highly respected and admired by her peers in the literary industry for her craft. She has served as the ghostwriter to several pastors, celebrities, doctors, and every day individuals since 2009. With this success she has decided to impart what she knows about writing, publishing, and marketing books into the lives of other aspiring authors through her classes/workshops.

In 2015 DiShan is launching her Hugs Campaign. The Hugs Campaign well bring the awareness of self-acceptance, relationship building and mental health awareness to women across the country. In addition, she will resume touring of her theatrical productions.

Books for 2015

The two books under her brand, Pure Publishing, are: “Delilah: The Man” (Available Now) (A Single Woman’s Guide to Not Choosing the Wrong Man) and, “Diary of a Mad First Lady 2: The Story of Lisa Hodges” (Coming Winter 2014).


Twitter @iamDiShan

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