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Interview with Author Lacy B.

Fame W

This fast-paced novel introduces you to Tracey, an educated, beautiful go-getter who gets caught in an unexpected web of sex, lies, and reality television. Tracey wants what’s best for her and her friends but is she willing to pay the price required to walk the red carpet?

Tracey lets nothing get in her way as she pursues her dreams and creates an unimaginable life leaving all she’s ever known behind as she takes on an unknown journey aiming only for success.

Fame Whore is a story of friendship, lust, and the life-altering decisions Tracey must make on the road to fame. Join Tracey behind the scenes as she rises from a local no name city girl to a trending sensation.



“What’s up with you, girl?” he asked.

“I’m chillin’,” I said sarcastically.

“Yeah, you chillin’ all right, half-naked riding some nigga dick you don’t know,” he said after taking another sip of truth juice.

“Are you serious, Slim?”

“Yeah, I’m serious, Tracey.”

“Look, I went to the shoot to help Shy. Heater came up and asked me to do the video and I did,” I said matter-of-factly.

“Whatever. How you gonna do some shit like that and you ain’t even ask me?”

“Ask you? Boy, you not my daddy. I don’t have to answer to you. You fucked that up. I was loyal, faithful, and did ‘answer to you’ at one point. You fucked that up when you was fucking your baby mom,” I said. My voice rose with every word.

“You right. I was fucking Rhonda, but that’s my son’s mom,” he said, “but that don’t make it right and I’m sorry.”

Tears started falling from my eyes and I felt my heart hit my stomach. I had expected him to lie until I forced it out of him. The truth hit me so hard that I couldn’t even speak. I had never been hurt like this before.

“You are sorry. So, just like that, huh? So, you just gonna say it like it’s okay?”

“It’s not okay, Tracey, but I’m not gonna lie to you. I was, but it wasn’t because I love her or because I don’t love you. She made it seem like that’s what I had to do to see my son.”

“Fuck you, Slim.”

Fighting back the tears, I started hitting him and screaming. I knew it was only a matter of time before the staff noticed and asked us to leave, but they just stood there in shock.

“Calm down, girl.”

Slim grabbed my wrists tightly and push me into the couch. After I calmed down, he let go.

“You know what, Slim? This just makes it easy for me, you cheating son of a bitch.”

“Makes what easy?” he said confused.

“I’m moving to Atlanta.”

“What? So, now you just gonna leave because of this little situation with Rhonda?”

“This ain’t about you and Rhonda. It’s about me for a change. So, yes, I’m leaving in a couple days. You and your Gorilla Zoe-looking baby mom can fuck all you want because I’m out.”

Once the words left my mouth it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I didn’t care about his feelings anymore. All the love I thought we had dissolved this moment. “You think moving to Atlanta is gonna make you a star, huh? You groupie-ass bitch. Now, you wanna be a video vixen. Good luck out there. When I blow I’ll be sure to stop by and get my dick sucked cause that’s all you gonna be good for.”

“Nigga, I…”

I had to stop myself. I wasn’t sinking to his level. I had embarrassed myself enough. It was time to walk away. Slim was already standing as if he was leaving so I grabbed my keys and stood up to walk away but he couldn’t stop the insults. He counted out the money to pay the tab and tossed it on the table.

“Bye, hoe. You can keep all the shit I brought you and the money from the show the other night, too. You gonna need it. You should go ahead and take some pole dancing lessons or something, too, so you can fit in with the rest of the vixens.”

Holding back my tears, I walked outside to my truck. As I pulled off, tears rolled down my face and I had a sharp pain in my chest that felt like my heart was literally breaking. What just happened? My emotions took over so quick. All the love I thought I had for Slim came rushing out of me as I screamed and punched my steering wheel. Then, when all the screaming stopped, the love was gone. This hurt like hell. What was all that name-calling about? How could he do this to me? I just couldn’t stop crying. I knew I wasn’t gonna fail in Atlanta. Slim knew it, too. Now, I really had to make it– not to prove him wrong, but to prove me right.


Lacy B is a novelist, mother and philanthropist. Before the completion of her debut novel Fame Whore she worked in various industries, from sales and marketing to healthcare management and non-profit programming. Although writing has always been her passion it took her a while to rediscover her writing chops. When she’s not busy penning her next novel you can find her relaxing at home with her two children.

Get to know the author:

Tell us about your book Fame Whore and what made you choose that title?

Fame Whore is really a story of a young woman’s journey to success. We all have options and some of us choose to start a family and live a traditional lifestyle while others chase fame and fortune. In the book you will notice the choices Tracey, the main character, makes and how her decisions lead her on a destructive path. The title came to me while I was describing the character to a friend and it just stuck.

 What made you write this book? Is the story based off of personal experience?

The reason I wrote this book is because I have always wanted to write. I just didn’t know what to write about. With the hype of reality television, that’s what everyone ever talks about anymore, I felt it was a good theme to write on. I started researching the characters to find out they were educated, sophisticated and accomplished women who just wanted to be on TV for one reason or another. The story is totally fiction. It’s my take on how these women end up on reality shows.

What part of the story do you most relate to?

There is a scene that got me emotional just writing it. It’s when Tracey and her boyfriend breakup. A lot of women can relate to that scene. We have all experienced it either through a friend or first hand having our heart broken by someone we thought we loved and loved us. Even though they love each other they say and do some very hurtful things in the process. Him being selfish and trying to hold her back is what pushes her to go even harder once she moves.

Is this the type of book you wanted to write or did you want to write on a different topic?

When I sat down to write I wanted to write nonfiction books for women that help them make better choices when it comes to love and relationships, wellness and entrepreneurship. I actually accomplished that in this story so I am very pleased.

How long did it take you to write Fame Whore?

It took me about three months of writing time. I procrastinated a lot with the process. I would stop and then start writing only to stop again. Then I just told my self to finish the book I set writing goals and with the help of my editor Michele I got it done.

DreamFields Publishing is your company why did you decide to self publish?

After researching the industry I noticed the time it took to send out query letters and get an agent was pretty lengthy. Not to mention that just because you sent them doesn’t mean you will get published. I knew this wouldn’t be my only book so I started DreamFields Publishing. It has been a learning experience but I am glad I took the self-publishing route.

Aside from your novel Fame Whore what else can we expect from Lacy B?

I am currently working on my next novel titled Bounce about a young woman who gets caught up in a life of crime. I have a weekly YouTube show called Ratchet Re-Cap where each week I review your favorite reality shows and urban dramas. There is also my t-shirt line iWrite Author Gear® apparel and promotional items for authors and go-getters alike.

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