Book Review: Hostile Eyewitness by Tyora Moody


Hostile Eyewitness

Tyora Moody

Publication Date: March 31, 2015

5 Stars = Non-Stop Page Turner

Serena Manchester is at the wrong place at the wrong time in Hostile Eyewitness by Tyora Moody. After twenty-five years of being away from her hometown Serena Manchester returns to recover from a head injury. Serena just wants to keep a low profile but learns that it is easier said than done.

Serena is shocked by the changes in her little town as well as with her family members. When she stops at a convenient store to pick up some items, Serena witnesses a crime. While hidden in one of the aisles she recognizes one of the culprits and realizes she will have to get to the bottom of his involvement.

Serena’s snooping starts causing problems placing her family members as well as herself in danger. It is apparent that these people don’t know who Serena Manchester is because she doesn’t scare easily. She will not stop until she gets to the bottom of the crime. Will it be in time?

Hostile Eyewitness is a mystery with suspense, a little drama and a hint of romance. This book represents family protecting family which shows in Serena’s actions. This was an entertaining book with unsuspected twists and turns. I look forward to the next book in this series. I recommend Hostile Eyewitness to others.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes only.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley



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