Book Review: Nalah Goes to Mad Mouse City by Anne Sawyer-Aitch

Nalah Goes to Mad Mouse City 2

Title: Nalah Goes to Mad Mouse City

Author: Anne Sawyer-Aitch

4 Stars=Great Page Turner

A wonderful illustrated book about a young girl’s creative imagination is the basis of Nalah Goes to Mad Mouse City by Anne Sawyer-Aitch. Nalah is upset that her friends have went away for vacation leaving her alone. She was not interested in her family preparing for a picnic. Nalah was simply bored and decided to make herself a place to hide from everyone.

While hiding Nalah sees Mad Tooth the Mouse. After finding out about her bad day, Mad Tooth the Mouse takes Nalah on an adventure. She is introduced to several new friends. Nalah also learns that there will be a parade in her honor. As the day goes on, Nalah realizes her day is not so bad after all.

Nalah goes to Mad Mouse City is a fun story about a little girl whose bad day turns out to be better than even she could have imagined. The main character has an exciting imagination that young readers will enjoy. I recommend this book to others.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes only.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley




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