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Interview with Berline Thenor

About the Author:

Berline Thenor

Berline Thenor is writer, speaker and a life coach at Reaching Destiny, LLC- a company she started in 2014 to help others do just that: reach their destiny. Berline also writes out Weekly Inspiration which is sent out via email to over hundred subscribers. When she is not writing or coaching, she can be found in the gym working up a sweat.  She earned both B.S. in Psychology and MBA from Florida A&M University. She currently resides in Charlotte, NC.

Q & A with Berline Thenor

Where did the concept for Birthing Purpose come from?

I didn’t even think of it honestly, I was just trying to keep myself encouraged after emerging from a pain I thought I would carry for the rest of my life. In order to stay moving forward and not fall back into that grave I began writing which I was really not into before. I would read a scripture and would write about what I got from it and send it out to my friends and family. I felt like if this could encourage me it could encourage someone else not thinking that a book would be born out of it. Then one day as I writing one of my weekly inspirational message which I called them God started to shift my writing so I stopped and mediated and asked Him what was He wanting of me with what was coming out of me and He told me that my process was not only for me, but for me to help someone else who needs to know that if pain does not win there is purpose on the other side. So outside of writing my weekly inspirational message which began to taking a life of their own I started walking myself back through my process from what caused the pain, what I did, how I acted, what happened when I called on God, what I learned and etc. I guess God knew what He was doing because the words and structure for Birthing Purpose poured out with ease I just had to make sense of it all to help someone else and I realized that I was operating in the purpose of my own pain. Two years later Birthing Purpose was born.

Why did you feel you had to write this particular book?

I feel like this book was necessary because pain is something that we all deal with at some point in time in our lives and many of us have a tendency to get stuck in that pain. We get stuck because we don’t think that living without it is an option so we carry it and make it a part of who we are. What we fail to realize is that where ever there is pain means that something is being birthed like a woman who is with child for nine months she is consumed by the life that is growing within her when it is time for her to birth that child she experiences a pain, but on the other side of that pain is a new life. God sometimes has to uses our pain to open up that purpose within us and if we don’t let pain win we can birth something so beautiful on the other side. I feel that people need to know that that the pain they feel is just a sign that something better is on the horizon.

What was the hardest part in writing this book?

The hardest part was reliving my pain, my process and remembering how I felt during that time. As I went back over reading certain chapters I would cry because I remembered the feeling and I would cry harder because I didn’t believe I could overcome the pain. Then I realize I’m still here, pain free and I am able to tell my story and help someone else.

Do you believe people resist working through their pain?

Yes, I do. People do it because it keeps them connected to the person that broken/hurt them and it’s hard to disconnect from something/someone that has been a part of you for so long. Instead of getting healing we become addicted to the pain. When you become addicted to the pain you begin to self-inflict yourself with the pain because it is all you can feel because by that point the pain has left you numb to feeling anything, but it. By letting go it would call for us to face what we have let the pain manifest in us and its ugly and even more pain than what broke us. And it’s hard to face someone you don’t recognize so one will resist until the choice has to be made between life or death.

What 4 tips would you give to an individual going through pain, loss abandonment, etc.?

First and foremost admit and accept that you are in pain once you open yourself up to recognizing your pain secondly, give it to God. When you give it to God you are telling Him I am ready for what You have on the other side of this for me and He begins the process of drawing you out that grave where the pain has buried you. Thirdly while you are in the process you must trust the process and know that God will not leave you nor forsake you. When it gets hard and the tears fall harder than before stay committed to your process and healing. Lastly, know that you can overcome it all with God on your side you will win.

What tips would you give a person wanting to write a self-help or inspirational book?

I think the best tip I would give is to speak from experience. You cannot help someone through or understand something that you have never experienced. When you speak from experience it makes you more credible and relatable to those you speak with regarding the topic of your book. Even though everybody has a different process through something some of the motions and feelings will be the same across the board so you want to be able to connect with your readers about your own experience. To thy own self be true.

Who is Berline Thenor?

Berline Thenor is a woman with purpose who is fully equipped with what God has birthed out of her to walk in her purpose and reach her destiny because she knows God is with her and with Him she will not fail. She is on a mission to dig up, help heal and set free those who find themselves bound by a pain that delights itself in their misery.

On a more personal note she is one of seven children. Both of her parents are Haitian immigrants who migrated to America in 1983 and a year later on August 9, 1984 in Miami, FL she was born. She is a proud graduate of Florida A&M University where she earned her B.S in Psychology and MBA. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Her hobbies include reading, listening to music and working out. Currently she resides in Charlotte, NC.

What has been your biggest challenge/achievement as an author?

My biggest challenge is confidence in that what I have written is good enough. At times, I can get real down about my work because I don’t think it is good enough and I will edit and edit and edit so much that I will have 15 drafts and frustrated. I have gotten better though I am down to like 7 drafts (lol). My greatest achievement was getting my first book published I have wanted to do it for a long time and to finally have it out, seeing it, holding it and people sharing how it has helped them makes me feel good.

What new project (s) are in the works for you?

My next book which will be released August 2016 is currently about the nameless women in the Bible and how we as women of today can relate to their stories and each other. Also, all the weekly inspirations I have written over the past two and half years I am compiling into a devotional.

Where can readers find you?

I can found on Facebook as Berline Thenor. Instagram and Twitter as BThenor. My email address is and My website is currently in the works once it is up that information will be updated on social media outlets.

About the Book

Birthing Purpose

Birthing Purpose is a 30 day journey that is here to help those who find themselves buried in a living grave because of the pains of life. By helping readers see that the pain is not the end, helping them recognize God’s grace covering them in the place where life is telling them it is the end and encourages them to begin the healing process that will lead their purpose being birthed. It is for the young girl who is trying to find a purpose for the pain. It is for the woman trying to be made whole again from shattered pieces. It is for the man that is trying to find healing while still bleeding.

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