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Book Review Tuesday: Empty Womb Empty Tomb by Quiana E. Johnson


Empty Womb Empty Tomb

How Tragedy Birthed Triumph

Quiana E. Johnson

Publication Date: June 4, 2015

4 Stars=Great Page Turner

Empty Womb Empty Tomb is a great page-turner even though the content will break your heart. The Johnson family suffers a great lost when they lose their child after first having a miscarriage. Most women dream of getting married, having children and building a family. This dream was taken from Quiana E. Johnson and left was hurt, pain and emotional distress.

Quiana was excited from the news that she was expecting again. She did everything her doctor told her to make sure this child would be born. When Quiana went to the bathroom on March 10, 2014, she didn’t know that once again she would endure another loss. Quiana delivered her premature son that morning and was rushed to the hospital. Little Nehemiah fought for five days before going home to God.

After this tragedy, the Johnson’s knew they had to hold on to their faith. Bradley and Quiana realized from their painful experience came knowledge and they could share their story to help others suffering. Both made it through the traumatic loss of her son. Quiana chose to educate herself on miscarriages and continues to try to have a child because she won’t give up on God’s promise to her.

Empty Womb Empty Tomb is an emotional book that will tug at your heart. Readers will feel the author’s pain as she tells her story of loss. This was a short book but was packed with so much that I could not put it down as I wiped tears away. The author does a wonderful job telling her story and educating readers about miscarriages. I definitely recommend this book to those who have suffered a loss and need guidance to overcome their situation.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes only.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley

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