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Excerpt Friday with Rebecca Zanetti, author of Over The Top

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Dawn Freeze had a huge crush on Hawk Rain for years, and the entire town knows it. It’s understandable– the man is total hotness. That tall, lean body. Intense dark eyes. And always one foot out the door. Now he’s on leave for exactly one week. And this time, he’s made it crystal clear that he only wants one thing. Her.

Hawk’s been fighting his attraction to Dawn for as long as he can remember. She’s his best friend’s little sister, and that means hands-off. Except now she’s all grown up, and her sweet sexiness is exactly what he craves. But just as Hawk allows himself one mindblowingly intense night with Dawn, he learns that everyone he loves is in danger. Especially her.

And the only way to protect Dawn is to push her away…


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“Head injury?” Hawk rumbled, his gaze penetrating Dawn’s. He looked deep, and he looked hard, and the hand at her nape didn’t relent.

“No,” she croaked out. “Little head bump…nothing to worry about.” Why was it so hard to breathe all of a sudden? If he didn’t back up, she was going to completely humiliate herself and flatten his ass on the icy road. It’d be worth it just to feel that impossibly hard body against hers for a few seconds.

He lifted an eyebrow. “Blink.”

She huffed and blinked several times. “I’m okay.”

“Your pupils look all right.” He leaned in a bit more. “Seeing stars? Blurry vision?”

“No.” She wanted to burrow into his heat, so she kept perfectly still. “I’ve had a concussion before, and I know what it feels like. This is just a bump.” She’d been bucked off horses her entire life, and she knew she was fine.

Hawk rubbed the nape of her neck, and she couldn’t help the small whimper.

That quickly, his face lost all sense of irritation. Something else replaced it…something heated and all male. “Let me see your wrist,” he whispered, releasing her.

She couldn’t take it if he touched her like that again, so she handed over her wrist.

He gently clasped her arm and turned it this way and that in the light from the car. “Bruised.”

“I know.” She gingerly retracted her arm. “I’m fine.”

“No she isn’t.” Mrs. Poppins clucked her tongue.

Hawk straightened and glanced around the quiet road. “You didn’t hit a moose.”

“Of course not.” Dawn shook her head and then winced as pain cut into the back of her eyes. “It was just a flat tire.”

“Okay.” Hawk rubbed his chin then slowly drew her from the car to open the rear door and place her in the backseat. “Let’s take Mrs. Poppins home, and then we’ll figure out what to do with you.” Without waiting for an answer, he secured Dawn’s seat belt, shut the door, and slid into the driver’s seat without missing a beat. Seconds later, he pushed the seat back and drove onto the road.

Mrs. Poppins bounced happily against her seat belt. “She shouldn’t be alone, you know. Just in case it’s a concussion. Could be.”

Hawk glanced into the rear view mirror. “She won’t be alone. I promise.”


 About The Author

Rebecca Zanetti

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, lawyer, college professor, and a hearing examiner – only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them. She writes dark paranormals, romantic suspense, and sexy contemporary romances.

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