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Interview with Keleigh Crigler Hadley

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Keleigh Crigler Hadley is an author, speaker, and teacher who is thankful God can use her messes for His glory.

She has always loved stories, and she believes the story of the Bible contains the biggest, the most redemptive dose of grace humankind has ever, and will ever, experience. She is the Christian Fiction author of the Preacher’s Kids series, Revenge Inc., and What You Won’t Do for Love with Brown Girls Faith.

If she were to define herself in one sentence, she would say, “I’m a girl who loves to see God working.” Keleigh writes soul-stirring fiction, with real characters that stay with readers long after they have closed the book, (or turned the e-reader off.) The only thing she loves more than writing is reading, so contact her on social media and let her know what you’re reading!

Q & A with Keleigh

Tell our readers about What You Won’t Do For Love

Gladly! What You Won’t Do For Love is the story about how love forces us to make difficult choices. Eden Price has finds herself in the midst of a heated love triangle. One man connects with her soul and the other with her heart. She chooses one, (it would spoil the fun if I told you which one), but the honeymoon period is cut short, because he falls deathly ill and asks her to him out of his misery.

You have a beautiful cover, how does it relate to your book?

Thank you! The heart of the book is the love triangle. Which guy will Eden Price choose? Gabe Clark, the missionary or Nehemiah Gates, the high school friend?

Tell us about Eden Price.

Eden Price is a woman I would be friends with. She has a dry wit and a quirky personality. My favorite trait is her obsession with chocolate! She’s a nurse and loves her job – it’s her passion. Eden hit a rough patch in her love life, but because of her strong faith in God and her ability to see the positive side of things, she makes it through.

Tell us about Gabe Clark

My beta readers fell in love with Gabe! He is a missionary with the group Doctors Without Boarders. He is the kind of man that is never slow to action – faith without works is dead to him! But, he’s not perfect. He’s a true work-a-holic and doesn’t have much patience with people who don’t talk the talk and walk the walk.

Which character was the hardest to write?

Eden’s mother, Marlene was the hardest to write, because she had dementia and I wanted to show a true depiction of the disease.

This is a Christian Fiction book, will you write in other genres?

I can confidently say, no. Christian Fiction is in my blood, spirit and soul. Nothing else will come out of me.

Who is Keleigh Crigler Hadley?

I’m a girl who loves to see God work. When I’m not writing and working, I’m running around with my two children, who are my pride and joy.

Where does your passion come from to write God fearing books?

“But his word was in my heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones…” My passion must come from God alone. He deposits the plots, characters and words. He makes me write until their stories are told.

What should readers expect from Keleigh Crigler Hadley in the next five years?

I had a Christmas novella coming in November called, The Million Dollar Christmas Kiss. And then in March/April a full length novel, The Reluctant Mistress. Working on four more projects as well. I will be busy for the next five years!

Where can readers find you now?

The quickest way to connect is via my Facebook Author Page. also via Twitter at @khadley11 or via email at

About The Book


Eden Price, an unlucky-in-love nurse finds herself in the midst of a heated love triangle. Globe-trotting missionary, Gabe Clark ignites her soul. Who doesn’t want a man with a connection to God? Hard-working, Nemo Gates speaks to her heart. His past has caused a rift between him and God and Eden wants to help him heal.

She ultimately chooses the man that makes her passions come alive, but did she make the right choice? Her husband stuns her with a desperate plea; to prove her love for him in the most unthinkable way – to help him die with dignity.

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