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Interview with Jennifer Ott, Author of Time of Useful Consciousness

Jennifer Ott

Jennifer Ott is a prolific author who published numerous titles in various genres from literary fiction, women’s fiction, satire, dystopian fantasy, romance, crime drama and two satirical nonfiction titles. She will soon release her women’s fiction/historical fiction novel, Time of Useful Consciousness.”

Under the pen name Mahima Martel, her romance novel, “Saying Goodbye,” received honorable mention at last year’s Best Beach Book Contest and her literary fiction novella, “Edge of Civilization” has been highly recommended by the Vietnam Veterans Association of America.

She has been named head online course writer for the “The Friendly Universe.”  Her radio show, The SuperJenius Show on the Artist First Radio Network can be heard first Thursday of every month at 11:00PM EST.

Q & A with Jennifer Ott

A&RBC: Welcome to Authors & Readers Book Corner, Tell our readers about Time of Useful Consciousness.
Jennifer: Time of Useful Consciousness tells the story of a  young German woman in Post World War II Germany. While she comes to terms with the war and the allied occupation, she reunites with her estranged brother and falls in lover with a former reconnaissance. As she learns to fly a plane, she unknowingly becomes involved in a smuggling operation. Seduced into the freedom of flying and love she fails to know the dangers that surrounds her.
A&RBC: You have a great cover. How does it relate to your story?
Jennifer: The plane in the picture is a German “Junker” (an old bomber and cargo plane). It is the type of plane the characters fly in the book. The woman is a picture is a retro picture of a woman in the late 1940’s which relates to the main character.
A&RBC: Is this book the start of a series?
Jennifer: No, but…  🙂
A&RBC: Your book is set in Germany, is this a city that is familiar to you?
Jennifer: Stuttgart is the main setting of the book. I have actually never been to Stuttgart, but I have visited Berlin and Dresden, two cities that had been destroyed by the allied bombings. In my younger years I met quite a few people who lived through Berlin during the war and the bombings. Their memories were tremendously invaluable for understanding my characters and their motivations.
A&RBC: Your book includes war, is this a centerpiece (important element) of the book?
Jennifer: Yes, although in my book the war is over there are still some mental and emotional battles. The book speaks of the characters as they try to overcome the war. It was a big struggle for many Germans, not just as they tried to rebuild their country and their lives, but they carried the burden of their government’s atrocities. There was a lot they were trying to rectify in their own minds and their hearts.
A&RBC: What challenges did you face in writing this book?
Jennifer: This book took me more than twenty years to write. Getting the plot right was the biggest challenge.
A&RBC: Who is Jennifer Ott?
Jennifer: I’m just a girl pursuing her dream as a writer. I have spent most of my career working in the fashion industry from Ralph Lauren to Nike. I was able to travel around the world which gave me wonderful inspiration, but I always wanted to be a writer.  Writing has been my second job, whether I was writing screenplays or novels.
A&RBC: Where do you see yourself in five years?
Jennifer: My fashion career is fading and I would like to transition fully out of fashion and write for a career.
A&RBC: What new projects are you working on?
Jennifer: I am currently working on a historical “vampire” book. I have vampire in quotations because this book started as a screenplay twenty years ago. Although my screenwriting teacher loved the script, someone harshly criticize it because I broke vampire rules. The story is a love triangle between a vampires,  Prussian colonel and a scientist in the late 1800’s Prague. It’s a Bohemian vampire story. 🙂
A&RBC: Thanks for stopping by are there any events you are attending this year?
Jennifer:  Thank you for the opportunity to interview. I do not have any events this year, but you can hear me on the Super Jenius Radio show on the Artist First Radio Network.

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About the Book

Time of Useful Consciousness 3

Louisa Unger, a young German woman in Post-War World II Germany kills a man in cold blood. In her mind, freedom and preservation cause her to pull the trigger.

Arrested by the American Allied forces and confined to a military prison, she greets the man investigating her crime, Colonel Taylor with biting sarcasm and scorn. Despite her offense, her fate is up to her – give up her countrymen for her freedom. She decides to play the loyalty card and remain in prison.

Among her conversations with Colonel Taylor, Louisa weaves her tale of the events by evading any real information. While imprisoned, she relives her experience of reuniting with her estranged brother Freddy, falling in love with Kris, a former reconnaissance pilot and learning to fly to a plane. She recounts in fairy tale fashion of monsters cloaked in shadows and lessons learned by incorrigible children, which does nothing but frustrate Colonel Taylor, who has no clue as to why she would protect evil men.

Seduced into the bliss of romance and flying, Louisa fails to recognize any threat. She grows immersed in the life of a smuggler, a pilot and a lover, something she would have never anticipated while hiding during air raids. It is hard to come back down to earth, when soaring so high.

After Louisa recounts the whole story to Colonel Taylor, there are still puzzle pieces missing. Still she relays no names and gives up no one. While Colonel Taylor sifts through all the information, one piece of evidence bears light, and it is something he never expects. Louisa holds onto heartache. Once Colonel Taylor reunites her with her lost love, is he able to get her to divulge secrets…most of them.

For More Information

  • Time of Useful Consciousness is available at Amazon.
  • Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.

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