Book Review: Wouldn’t Change A Thing by Stacy Campbell


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Wouldn’t Change A Thing

Stacy Campbell

Publication Date: July 14, 2015

5 Stars=Non-Stop Page Turner

A person cannot help the family their born into and this is true in Wouldn’t Change a Thing by Stacy Campbell. Antoinette Williamson is set to marry the man of her dreams until he decides to humiliate her at their engagement party. Lamonte Dunlap tells Antoinette he is calling off the wedding due to the recent news of her family’s mental issues. What started as a wonderful day turns into a nightmare Antoinette wants to forget.

After the news comes out about Antoinette’s family, she decides to go back to the beginning. When Antoinette returns to Sparta, Georgia to face her mother, whom she denies exist and face her other family members, Antoinette has to confess acknowledging the shame she feels of her family. Antoinette soon realizes that home is where the heart is even though her mother’s illness is beyond her abilities.

Wouldn’t Change a Thing is about redemption, family and knowing when to go home. This was a compelling story laced with secrets, mental illness and deception. The author does a wonderful job capturing the reader’s attention through colorful characters. I could not stop from wanting to help Greta as she dealt with wanting to reunite with her daughters. Greta is aware that it isn’t safe to be around her but she understands the meaning of family.

I could also relate to Antoinette wanting to leave her past in Georgia and not acknowledge her family’s issues. The story really displays how far that decision got her. This was a well-researched book and it shows in every page. I applaud Stacy for writing about a hidden topic in a way that will bring awareness. I definitely recommend Wouldn’t Change a Thing to others.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes only.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley


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