Talk About It Thursday

Talk About It Thursday: Emotions of a Writer

Frustration Don’t Let It Take You Off Your Writing Path

“Frustration is a feeling of anger or annoyance caused by being unable to do something” -Merriam-Webster Dictionary

I agree with Merriam-Webster the emotion I am feeling is frustration. I have been at this writing for a while and I cannot seem to get to the finish line.  I am good at helping others complete their writing,  form their businesses and promote their work but a mine is still unfinished.

Yes,  the emotion I am feeling is frustration.  I could easily let it take over me and decide to stop writing.  If I do that,  I am still going to be frustrated and unhappy.  I have the story line and I am still in the rewriting stage, but want to share what I have been doing to push myself forward.

  1. I tell myself to stop feeling sorry for me and that I have what it takes to get it done.
  2. I have a list of affirmations that I say each morning.
  3. I had beta readers read through my work to find any mistakes that need taking care of.  Thanks to Stacy Campbell,  author of Wouldn’t Change a Thing, for her suggestions. I know what I need to work on before sending the final rewrite to my editor.
  4. I jumped back in and started working again. I did not stop.
  5. I listened to to my cheerleaders. The ones who are constantly cheering me on and encouraging me. Thanks Nicole Kearney for your consistent encouragement.  It keeps me going.

I guess when you are passionate about something no matter how frustrated you become you have to keep at it until you hit the finish line. Therefore, my emotion this week was frustration but I am not letting it take me off my writing path. On the other hand,  it is my book I will finish it when I want to.

What about you? How are you doing on your writing path? Any obstacles or emotions holding you back? I love you to share.  Let’s talk!

Until next time,

Teresa Beasley


1 thought on “Talk About It Thursday: Emotions of a Writer”

  1. Well since you asked! I am writing, however I’m not writing on the project that I desire to finish. Partly, because I don’t take the necessary time to focus on it. Tisk, tisk. Then at other times, I know within myself that my flow isn’t right. I don’t want to force anything. Still, I make progress, even if it’s not the progress that I desire. Completion will come, and it will come at the perfect time!


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