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Interview with Jason Brannon, author of The Maze

Jason Brannon

Jason Brannon is the author of The Maze and The Tears of Nero. His fiction features flawed characters trapped in impossible situations that test and try their faith. He currently lives in Amory, MS.

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Q & A with Jason Brannon

Welcome to Authors & Readers Book Corner.  Tell our readers about The Maze.

The Maze is a book that crosses over into a lot of genres.  At times it is a book about spiritual warfare.  It is also a horror story, a dark fantasy tale, a book about redemption and forgiveness, and a Christian allegory about the pitfalls present in the human heart.  Some readers have said The Maze is what A Pilgrim’s Progress might have been if written by Edgar Allan Poe, and that seems as apt a description as any I can come up with.  Essentially, it is the story of an ordinary man who does his best to live a righteous, moral existence but finds himself at a crossroads when an old girlfriend comes back into his life.  Despite his best intentions, he steps into the trap of temptation only to find himself stranded in a strange labyrinth designed to showcase all of his transgressions.

Does the book have a central location?

The Maze primarily takes place in a maze (not a big stretch there).  This particular maze, however, is based on the blueprint of a man’s heart.  All of his sins and transgressions are included in the architecture.  Traps and riddles are placed around every corner by angels and demons.  The fabric of such a metaphysical place is woven from events throughout my hero’s life.  Given that each person is different and the skeletons in each closet are varied, there are infinite mazes built from an infinite number of designs.  One maze for each soul.

Is this book the start of a series? 

The Maze is Book 1 in The Lost Labyrinth series.  Given that everyone has his/her own maze and that each maze is different based on the life it represents, there are no limits to the number of books that could be written about this dark, mysterious realm.  Book 2 has been written and completed and has a working title of The Piper’s Song.

This book is in the Christian Suspense/ Fantasy genre, what makes it Christian Suspense instead of just Fantasy? 

If I have written this book the way I intended, The Maze will appeal to believers and non-believers alike.  The primary reason it would be classified as Christian Suspense is because many of the central tenets of Christianity are essential to the story and provide the backbone around which all of the events revolve.  The book takes a hard look at sin and what it means to be lost.  As Jamie Burroughs, my protagonist, says, “There is no better place to be lost than inside a maze.”

Why did you feel you needed to write this particular book now?

I had toyed around with the idea of writing a story set in a labyrinth for quite a while.  My original attempt resulted in a novella called The Order of the Bull which bears some similarities in ways and is completely different in others.  At this particular time in my life, everything was in a state of upheaval (personal, professional, you name it) and I felt just as lost as any of the characters trapped in The Maze.  I didn’t want to write a dark novel for the sake of it being dark at this point because there was enough darkness in real life to deal with.  So I decided to write a story with a purpose that would detail the exploits of a man at his lowest point who finds redemption and hope through his struggles.  The Maze was the result.

Did you have any characters that haunted you after the story was finished?

I wouldn’t say that a particular character haunted me, but I was still interested to see what life held in store for Jamie Burroughs.  He went through a bleak period and emerged stronger than ever on the other side.  I wanted to see how he progressed, what happened to his life afterward, what his next steps were.  The Piper’s Song is the result.

Who is Jason Brannon?

I am a regular guy who likes horror and dark fantasy, a proud father, a Christian, a guy who values family, a musician, a caffeine addict, and a Destiny player.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I hope to be at a place in my career where The Lost Labyrinth Series is firmly established and The Halo Group Series has caught fire with faith-based readers.

What has challenged you the most in becoming a published author?

The biggest challenge is the ever-evolving landscape of publishing.  When I began the small press was alive and kicking.  Opportunities to find larger, more established publishers were more plentiful.  Self-publishing and ebooks were in their infancy.  Now, everything has gotten scrambled as the business models have changed.  Publishers are becoming more and more a thing of the past as self-publishing has gotten easier and easier.  It’s easier to release a book but tougher to gain an audience given the amount of competition that’s out there now.

What new projects are you working on? 

I am working on a coming-of-age novel with a working title of Miracle Man (think Stand By Me meets Something Wicked This Way Comes) and Book 2 of The Halo Group Series (Beware the Death Angel)

Thanks for stopping by are there any events you are attending this year? 

No events are planned at this point, but you never know.  I do love a good convention!

The Maze 2

A near death experience transports Jamie Burroughs into The Maze, a realm built by angels and demons and filled with traps and riddles for those haunted by their mistakes.

For Jamie, The Maze becomes a terrifying journey through a world of darkness where his soul and the lives of those he loves hangs in the balance. With his family in danger and his soul in peril, Jamie is forced to reevaluate the kind of man he truly is as he struggles to escape The Maze before it’s too late.

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  • The Maze is available at Amazon.


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