Book Review: The Seventh District by Stacy-Deanne

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Pope Hill, Georgia is the place to be for secrets, lies and action in Stacy-Deanne’s The Seventh District. After surviving breast cancer, McKenzie Gable feels as if she can handle anything so on the request of her aunt Wilhelmina, McKenzie goes to Pope Hill to help with a project. McKenzie is unaware of the problems she will have with the foreman, Trent Dafoe or the attraction toward him that she cannot deny.

While McKenzie starts to accept her feelings for Trent and the meaning behind the project, her cousin Babe is plotting. Babe is out for blood and will do whatever it takes to repay Wilhelmina back for the hurt she caused. The feelings of revenge and holding grudges can make a person act out of character and Babe can be the witness. She will have to decide if it is even worth it. Let us not forget that Wilhelmina is not without flaws of her own.

The Seventh District is full of lively characters that will have readers constantly turning the pages. Deanne provides readers with a strong female character in McKenzie who does not let her cancer hold her back or stop her from standing her ground. I fell in love with this character. After reading The Seventh District, it seems the secondary characters where screaming for their stories to be told. I am sure the author has some more ideals hanging out there and I cannot wait to read them. I recommend The Seventh District to others.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes only.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley


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