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Interview with Eno Esquire


Eno esquire is a author born and raised in Washington DC to a Nigerian father.

His mother is of Greek and Native descent. When Eno was 17 he was convicted ascan adult for a crime and sent to federal prison for several years. While in prison he wrote his first novel. Son of a Gun

Get to know Eno esquire:

What inspired you to write this book?

At the time I was locked up and did a lot of reading,it was a guy named show boat from North Carolina who had published a book from the feds so that pushed me to write one.

Is your novel fiction or nom fiction?

If someone was to ask I would definitely say fiction, but the characters are based off people I know or cross paths with in my life.

How was is it growing up in Washington DC?

It was cool gave me a unique experience on the world . I stayed in a housing project couple blocks from capitol hill.

You have a few Nigerian characters in your book whats the connection?

My father is Nigerian .

How long did it take you to complete this novel?

9 months mostly in solitary confinement.

What are your expectations for your first self published novel?

I really don’t have any expectations just want to finsh something I started?

Do you have anything you want people to know?

Yea I wrote this book for Author Cappers and the whole Surelere.

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About The Book


A young African hustler named Okon from Lagos Nigeria migrates to the United States in search of the American dream. When he arrives, he quickly finds out a dream can turn into a nightmare. Okon is disappointed in what he finds until he meets up with his cousin in Washington DC who is heavy in the game. Okon begins to cut out a corner of the heroin business in washington dc for himself and in the process meets a women named Berreta, who family was heavily respected in the streets and together they give birth to a son of a gun….

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