Book Review: Tell Me Lies by Michelle Lindo-Rice


Title: Tell Me Lies

Author: Michelle Lindo-Rice

Genre: Christian Fiction

Publication Date: January 12, 2016

Rating: 5 Stars-Non-Stop Page Turner

Tell Me Lies is a story about race, faith, and forgiveness. Author Michelle Lindo-Rice does not disappoint readers with this captivating novel representing the importance of forgiveness and love. After being left at the altar, Sydney Richardson has a hard time forgiving others. She is a tough nose lawyer who believes in loyalty, trust and honesty and will stand for nothing else. Sydney is not expecting her life to change once she encounters Noah Charleston.

Noah Charleston is a minister who has overcame many obstacles in his life. When he meets, Sydney, he realizes she is the woman God has chosen. Noah knows his past life may be hard to understand but he is determined to follow God’s lead. When his past comes back to cause problems, Noah will have to come clean to protect those he loves.

Tell Me lies has just enough drama and suspense to keep readers on their toes. The characters are well developed, it has a powerful storyline and unsuspected twists will keep readers turning the pages. The Nothing But The Truth series is one I will continue follow because I have to know if the secondary characters will get their own book. I recommend Tell Me Lies to others.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley


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