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Author Susan Wingate shares The Last Maharajan

The Last Maharajan

Title: The Last Maharajan

Name: Susan Wingate

Publisher: Roberts Press

Genre:  Romantic Thriller/Women’s Fiction

With her mother dying and her marriage falling apart, Euly Winger returns to her birth place in order to uncover a dark secret about her parent’s divorce. Something that has haunted their family since Euly was a young adult.

But when Euly meets up with an old acquaintance, her time back home turns nightmarish when he angrily reveals everything he knows about her parents.

A suspenseful and inspirational read, THE LAST MAHARAJAN is a story of love–in all of its forms, loss–in all of its sadness, and forgiveness–in all of its redemption.

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Susan Wingate

If you want to read award-winning, fiction steeped in suspense and sometimes set in mythical lands, or books with mystery and thriller elements, you will enjoy reading Susan Wingate’s books. The twists and turns of her stories and her likable, touching characters are always unique. People say that her work is reminiscent to the fantasy series, The Chronicles of Narnia written by C.S. Lewis and also to the superhero Spider-Man series–books with unforgettable heroes and fantastical worlds readers can escape to. Susan Wingate’s bestselling, award-winning books are recommended for teenagers, young adults, and for the young at heart!

Susan began writing as a child when she learned her father was a writer. Susan Wingate writes fiction and is currently working on a gritty faith-based Apocalyptic thriller series. Susan offers writing instruction to emerging writers at writing conferences, libraries, and online webinars. Her popular workshop “Muscle-up the Gut of Your Story: How to Write the Novel“ has given emerging novelists the impetus to complete their first drafts quickly and efficiently. Susan also teaches writing craft, nuances about the publishing business, and how to market your book. Her workshops have been endorsed by many writers who have been struggling in their careers and have then gone on to get major publishing contracts with legacy publishers.

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