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Meet The Author with Swift


Swift; author of the dramatic, suspenseful, and entertaining hit book series MOTIVATION parts 1 thru 3 has had his work featured in several  websites and articles from to

 Not content with writing strictly in the non-fiction arena, he began to expand his portfolio by freelance writing for magazines such as Code 414, a magazine that ran quarterly in his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Swift is best known for his street savvy style of writing and gives you tales which illustrates life from an inner-city urban perspective. His love for psychology – combined with a comprehensive knowledge of the street life – allows for an excellent depiction the “life” and its characters.
Get to know Swift?
Q: Swift, how long have you been writing?
A: I’ve been writing for about 7 years now . I began in 2009.
Q: What made you start writing?
A: Reflecting on my life and things that I’ve seen. I began by just writing my thoughts.
Q: Ok,that brings me to my next question. So in your book series MOTIVATION is Keyshawn’s character based on  a real person’s life?
Like say “yours” haha
A: Haha , no not mines . Actually, Keyshawn  is based on a cast of different characters . People that I’m close with and stories that I myself or they may have gone through in some way or another.
Q: I see, so why the name Motivation?
A: Well I chose Motivation because most people can identify with the idea of being motivated , we all have dreams and plans. And for me and where I come from motivation is a way for life . Either you were motivated or you drowned.
Q: So when you say “where you’re from” you mean as in the hood ?
A: Yes and no , what I mean is poverty. Coming from nothing and striving for something . I said yes because I do come from the pit or the ghetto , whatever you wanna call it. But more importantly I come from where people weren’t suppose to make it. And in order to make it out you had to want and work for something better.
Q: Ok, so what can we expect throughout the Motivation book series?
A: Well , you can expect a lot of drama, suspense , passion, trickery , cunning , and plotting .
Q: Dang , that’s all we get? Haha . Well I look forward to readings the books and I wish II well in your endeavors. Are you currently working on any new projects or should we be expecting a fourth installment to Motivation?
A: Thanks , and yes actually I’m working on 2 novels right now . As far as another installment to Motivation I don’t know you will just have to see.
Find the author:
Facebook fanpage: Swift, Twitter: @Swift414 , Instagram: @Swift414 ,

Back for his grand finale, Keyshawn is faced with yet another tribulation that sets death in motion for several of his comrades. Above the law becomes an understatement when he finds out that he has been in bed with the law, literally.

Read Motivation 3 and follow Keyshawn to the end of his journey…The blood that is shed in this saga will definitely raise any readers motivation to the next level.

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