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Guest Post: 10 Amazing Facts About Javier Ideami


10 amazing facts about Javier Ideami


Jim Johnson

Javier ideami is an award winning multidisciplinary creative director, artist, engineer and entrepreneur. Javier has been combining art, media, tech and business for years. Let’s review some amazing points about this unique multidisciplinary creator:

  • Javier has worked and won awards in an incredible number of different areas, from software engineering to photography, filmmaking, music, technology installations, etc.
  • Javier has developed his own methodology for multisensory brainstorming, The Torch Principle ( This methodology helps you exercise your creative muscles and bring them into a better balance with your analytical ones. It also helps you generate innovative ideas and solutions to your personal and professional challenges.

Trailer of the book:

Torch Metaphor Video:

  • All parts of the Torch Principle, from the writing of the 400 page book, to the infographics, the dozens of videos associated, the designs and the software apps were fully developed by Javier in a truly multidisciplinary way.
  • Javier is the founder of many other ventures and services that are used by people around the world. One of them is the poster maker and creative visual platform (, accessed by users from more than 200 countries around the world. Posterini allows you to design quickly any visual poster you need, combining typography, photos, graphics, effects, montage capabilities, a pinterest-like marketing wall and even ideation capabilities and remote collaboration features. It is very easy to use and can be accessed as a web-app from almost any device. With Posterini you can use powerful templates to generate the poster you need in seconds or minutes.
  • Javier’s fine art photography blends painting and photography styles to achieve a unique result. See some of his artworks at
  • Ideami has lived many years in Silicon Valley, California, the epicenter of innovation where he cofounded companies, directed projects, gave many conferences and led numerous workshops.
  • Javier has spoken at prestigious institutions, from Stanford University and UC Berkeley in California, to the United Nations FAO Headquarters, the financial center of London, the faculty of architecture of the University of Rome, the International Cultural Diplomacy Conference in Berlin and many others.
  • Javier is the creator of the educational and comical character Volandino, a comical astronaut that has won important awards like the Freixenet advertising video award. Volandino blends humour with education about science, technology, entrepreneurship and beyond. (
  • As a filmmaker, Ideami’s films have been present in film festivals around the world. The wide range of his works includes fiction films, documentaries, events, corporate videos, advertising and much more.
  • Javier’s expertise in such a wide range of areas, including visual, media and music pre-production, production and postproduction processes, engineering, art, entrepreneurship, business, storytelling, public speaking, etc., making him an ideal leader to direct complex and innovative ventures.

Javier Ideami has been described by some as a Da Vinci of our times. Get inspired with his work at, read his latest book at  and join one of the workshops or events he organizes around the world.



For More Information

The Torch Principle is available at Amazon.

Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.



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