Talk About It Thursday

Talk About It Thursday: Back to Basics on Backstory with Jennie Nash at The Book Designer

When looking for information or just a good FYI post, I always enjoy reading articles at The Book Designer. I came across one very informative post by Jennie Nash, The Book Coach. In this article, Nash shares a  series of posts that help writers create a great chapter. She also shares information on how backstory works and the guidelines on how to include it into a chapter. Click on the link below to enjoy the full article and don’t forget to take notes, I did.

My mission as a book coach is to help writers write the best books they can, which means paying attention to: the macro elements (the story or argument the book makes) the micro elements (the words on the page) the emotional realities of the writing life (the habits that lead to success) I’ve developed a…

via Back to Basics on Backstory — The Book Designer


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