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Spotlight Wednesday: Unraveling The Pieces by Terri DuLong


“DuLong reminds me of a Southern Debbie Macomber but with a flair all her own.” –Karin Gillespie

New York Times bestselling author Terri DuLong casts on her newest tale of heartbreak and hope in Ormond Beach, Florida, a sun-dappled haven where one woman finds the comfort she’s always needed…

Petra Garfield has no real attachments tying her down to one place. She’s ready for an adventure, so what could be better than an extended stay at Koi House with new friends and old in enchanting Ormond Beach. Having recently lost her mother, Petra is riddled with questions about the father she never knew. She certainly never thought she’d begin to find the answers in a tiny town in Florida…

As much as she wants to search for the truth, Petra knows she can’t spend all her time wallowing in the past, and her friends at the Dreamweaver yarn shop aren’t about to let her. The ladies encourage her to volunteer at a local animal shelter, where she hits it off with a young boy–and his handsome father. Tangled in secrets she didn’t even know she had, Petra must learn to stitch her life back together even as she unravels lifelong mysteries–and perhaps she’ll find unexpected happiness along the way…

Includes An Original Knitting Pattern! Praise for Terri DuLong’s Cedar Key Novels

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Born and raised north of Boston, Terri DuLong was a previous resident of Cedar Key, Florida. She now resides on the east coast of the state in Ormond Beach with her husband, three dogs and two cats. A retired Registered Nurse, she began her writing career as a contributing writer for Bonjour Paris, where she shared her travel experiences to France in over forty articles with a fictional canine narrator. Terri’s love of knitting provides quiet time to develop her characters and plots as she works on her new Ormond Beach novels.

You can visit her website at or at her Facebook fan page,

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Spotlight Wednesday: Rosie & Friends Positively Different by Helen Hipp


Paperback: 28 Pages

Publisher: Different Kind of Safari, LLC (August 17, 2016)

Genre: Children Fiction

Rosie and Friends is Helping Children to Understand That Their Uniqueness Is Not a Weakness.

Rosie the Pink Hippo asks readers “What advice would you give your friends who want to feel better about themselves” in this adventure book to help readers see that being different can be positive. Join Rosie the Pink Hippo, Olivia the Ostrich, and many others in this educational and eye-opening 28-page illustrated children’s book, Rosie and Friends Positively Different, a creative and fun teaching tool intended for parents, caregivers, teachers, and children who may have felt at some point in their life that they were different from their peers.





Helen Hipp has had her own kind of safari through the land of a large family. She was always exploring new ways to define herself. There are many ways to navigate the waters of life says Helen. “You may ride in a canoe, sailboat, motorboat, or you may find yourself on the back of a pink hippo!”

With a mindset that centered on creating opportunities out of obstacles, Helen explored career opportunities, by connecting her personal experiences (parenting a child with special needs) with her beliefs, professional skills, and aspirations.

Helen received her M.A. in counseling and began her career as a psychotherapist to help people find answers for their life problems. Her work eventually evolved into a coaching practice, Within U Life Coaching, focusing on individuals with special needs and their families.

Helen has authored articles for Family Works and Washington Family Magazine and written multiple self-help articles published by where she is viewed as an expert in her field. She has been a contributor as a special needs consultant to FOX44 News in Burlington, Vermont.

In addition to her work, Helen has written two children’s books creating a very effective way to motivate kids of all ages to meet their challenges with self-acceptance, confidence and understanding.

Her debut children’s book, A Different Kind of Safari, released in 2013 addresses the many questions life asks by offering up lighthearted, ever-changing perspectives that transform personal challenges into opportunities. Once again, the engaging safari family, led by Rosie the Pink Hippo inspires, and help you see your life differently in her new book, Rosie and Friends Positively Different. With a cast characters experiencing real-life issues such as anxiety, fear, physical differences and poor self-esteem, Helen Hipp’s adventure books provide children with the opportunity to identify, understand and feel supported by the characters handling of similar fears, interests, and concerns.

Readers can connect with Helen Hipp on her website and on Twitter.


Meet The Author

Meet The Author with Jennifer Streaks, Author of Thrive!

This image was photographed by Amir West of Photo Fanatic Photography. Contact Amir at or
This image was photographed by Amir West of Photo Fanatic Photography. Contact Amir at or

Jennifer Streaks is a nationally recognized expert on money and lifestyle. She delivers practical and cutting edge steps to help you face the challenge of getting and keeping your financial house in order.  Due to her extensive background in all things money, she has been an on-air commentator for years and is an established columnist and reporter having written for The Huffington Post, Motley Fool and Black Enterprise. Jennifer has been featured on ABC, MSNBC, FOX Business, HuffPost Live and TVOne, her sought after financial tips show consumers that you can achieve an “affordable lifestyle” and that finances do not have to be a chore.

Getting to Know Jennifer Streaks

A&RBC: Do you have a writing process? If yes, briefly explain.

JS: Right now I would have to say, I don’t have a writing style. Thrive!…Affordably came out of the passion that I have for financial management and helping others. So it really just poured out of me over a weekend.

A&RBC: Tell us about your current book.

JS: Thrive!…Affordably is an accomplishment that I am really happy about. Like I said, it came out of my over a weekend. I just remember furiously writing and then it was done. The response to it has been great and the message of “living your best life without breaking the bank” has been so well received. No one wants to just go to work and pay bills. Everyone wants to enjoy life as much as they can and my book helps you do that from a financial perspective.

A&RBC: How did you come up with the concept for the book?

JS: The concept for the book came from the kinds of questions I would receive from people struggling with their finances. I began to see that these were not large questions about retirement or investing, they were more about how to live every day, how to stop living from paycheck to paycheck, weekly transportation costs, building a savings or emergency fund. I realized that people needed a guide to help them with everyday expenses and money issues. The idea of Thrive!…Affordably was born! The book is available on, Barnes and Noble and

A&RBC: How important is it to check your credit report yearly?

JS: It is very important to check your credit report. You want to make sure that there isn’t false information on there and you want to know your credit score so that if and when you need credit you can obtain it. So many people wait until they want to buy a home, want to get a credit card or need a line of credit to check their credit report and by that time it can be too late.

Fun Facts

A&RBC: What is your favorite thing to do before a book signing?

JS: My favorite thing to do before a book signing it to pray. I am still getting used to going out and talking about my book and that quick prayer that things will go well before a signing settles my nerves!

A&RBC: What city would you love to have a book signing or speaking engagement?

JS: I would love to have a speaking event in Atlanta, GA. I think my message would really help a lot of people there.

A&RBC: Are you an early bird or night owl?

JS: I am such a night owl! I love to stay up late, whether it is organizing for next steps or watching old movies!

A&RBC: What is one thing you do to show appreciation for your readers?

JS: To show appreciation to my readers, I try to be available on my website and I have a blog there as well. I write on financial topics and discuss valuable money tips!

Getting Serious

A&RBC: What advice would you give your younger self?

JS: What advice would I give to my younger self: You can always find out who your true friends are in two ways: Either fall off or become successful.

A&RBC: What is one thing you would change about your life?

JS: I would not change a thing about my life. Everything brought me to where I am today and I am very happy with where I am.

A&RBC: What is your motto for life and career?

JS: My motto for life and career: A woman is like a teabag, you never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water!

A&RBC: Thanks for the interview.

JS: Thank you so much for the interview! Here is where to find me on social media:

Twitter: @JStreaks, Facebook: Jennifer Streaks fan page, Instagram: Jennifer Streaks

About Thrive!


Life is meant to be enjoyed, but let’s be honest: It’s almost impossible to live a life of abundance when you are drowning in a sea of debt and suffering under the strain of financial struggle. So many people are not free to enjoy life simply because they don’t have control over their finances. As a result, they go through life surviving and not truly living.

Thrive!… Affordably, takes the headache and the guesswork out of financial management. It is a monthly “how-to” designed to help the reader meet financial goals one step at a time. The book offers tips, advice, and basic financial management lessons geared towards helping the reader highlight strengths, identify missteps, and take control over finances. If you are looking for a way to permanently free yourself from debt, this book is for you. Jennifer Streaks takes the mystery out of management, making financial freedom attainable for anyone willing to do the work.

You deserve to live your best life. Don’t just survive… Thrive!

Purchase Thrive! at Amazon/Barnes and Noble/Walmart

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Sneak Peek of Evertaster: The Delicious City by Adam Glendon Sidwell #giveaway


Ever since he took a bite of a legendary dessert last summer, twelve-year-old Guster Johnsonville has never been the same. In fact, when a strange little man dressed as a conquistador comes clattering into the barn at the back of the Johnsonville farmhouse one afternoon, he forces Guster to face the truth: Guster is now the most delicious thing in the whole world, and a terrible monster is coming to eat him.

The monster is one of the Yummies—a pack of horrible, ferocious creatures with an appetite for sweets. What other choice do Guster, Zeke, and Mariah have than to run away from home to escape the mysterious beast?

On the run in a far corner of the world, Guster and his siblings discover a secret settlement known as the Delicious City. Now, with the Yummies hot on their trail and the Delicious City’s Mayor determined to feed Guster to the beasts, Guster must embrace his talents as an Evertaster if he’s going to save the city from collapsing and get his family out alive.



“Fast paced and full of heart! I gobbled up every word of this book buffet!” –Frank L. Cole Author of The Afterlife Academy

“The perfect recipe for edge-of-your-seat action!” –Peggy Eddleman, author of Sky Jumpers


 “The Lost City of El Dorado, the City of Gold,” said Mariah. “Gaucho, I was right all along . . . only, El Dorado was supposed to be hidden in the jungles of South America.” She chuckled weakly. “Only it’s here. In the Himalayas.”

“I told you so,” Zeke mouthed behind Mariah’s back, but he didn’t say it out loud.

Then the breeze shifted, and a cloud passed over the sun for just a moment, transforming the city from glowing gold to gleaming white. The entire city shifted, no longer shining, but appeared as something else entirely.

At the same moment, something sweet on the air touched Guster’s tongue, and he caught a fleeting glimpse of the city for what it truly was, as if a fog had been wiped from his mind. Instead of shining ruby orbs, there were glistening red cherries. Instead of emerald walls, there was deep green mint. And when the sun no longer shone on the towers, they no longer glinted gold, but gleamed as white as pure vanilla.

The city was alive with stories and scents of chocolate, strawberry, mint, butterscotch, and marshmallow.

Gaucho chuckled a little and placed a hand on Guster’s shoulder. “Not El Dorado, my friends,” he said. “The City of Gold is but a myth.”

“This is El Elado, the Delicious City. It is made of the thing that is most precious in all the world. It is the City of Ice Cream.”

adamAuthor Adam Glendon Sidwell

In between books, Adam Glendon Sidwell uses the power of computers to make monsters, robots and zombies come to life for blockbuster movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, King Kong, Transformers and Tron. After spending countless hours in front of a keyboard meticulously adjusting tentacles, calibrating hydraulics, and brushing monkey fur, he is delighted at the prospect of modifying his creations with the flick of a few deftly placed adjectives.

Website * Twitter * Facebook

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