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Author Julieann Dove shares a Sneak Peek of The Secret He Keeps


Dr. Rachel Miller has no recollection of what happened that night she climbed in the car with her husband and he drove recklessly into a tree. She has no clue as to why she survived and he didn’t. Nor does she understand why strangers are coming up to her on the street and telling her things she can’t recall about a life that seems so long ago. But Dane Stone knows.

Dane Stone is Rachel’s business partner…and her deceased husband’s best friend. He knows about the notes, the hotel receipt, and the reason she got in the car that night. It’s for her protection that he keeps the secret, but inside he’s dying to tell her.

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Take A Peek at The Secret He Keeps

Rachel and Dane had just sat down. The kitchen was finally cleaned. Rachel had successfully made up for not doing dishes for the past year. Even the salt shaker got a wipe down. She was pooped, as well. Who knew it would take until nightfall to finish one dinner and clean it up? Even the football game was almost over. No one seemed to be interested; one team barely scored seven points.

April looked at her guests. Something was wrong. Her eyes were calculating something. “Well, I guess Shawn and Edie, you can take the other bedroom.” She looked at Rachel and Dane, both sitting on different chairs, stretched out from all the hard work. “Rachel, you and Dane.” She put a finger to her mouth. “All I have is the pullout, here in the living room. Can you all put pillows down the middle like when you were little and had to sleep with cousins, and share it? It’s all we have to offer.”

Okay, so the brochure said an empty bed. Where was her empty bed? Sofa beds with business partner didn’t come close. However, she had shared a gurney with him in the past. Long hours of residency forced you to do the unthinkable. But that was then—way before the fuzzy feelings and warm heat in her belly from having physical contact with the guy.

She looked at him before she answered. Making it seem like it was a problem would only bring to light it was. And no matter what, it couldn’t be. “I won’t kick if he promises not to.”

He seemed uncomfortable, taking a deep breath that drew in his abdomen. Not his usual quick-witted self with a rapid retort of sarcasm. “I can sleep on the chair.”

“We’ll work something out, April. Thanks again for the meal. It was unrivaled.”

“Damned green beans,” she mumbled, walking up the stairs to her private bedroom. Obviously ownership had its perks.

Soon it was just Rachel and Dane. He pulled off the cushions and took out the folded bed of springs. The kind that stabbed your back all night, taking years off your posture.

“You can go get ready. I’ll make up the bed for you.” Dane didn’t look up from messing with the sofa.

“I’m just going to wear this.”

He turned around. “Rachel, go get on whatever you’re going to “You can go get ready. I’ll make up the bed for you.” Dane didn’t look up from messing with the sofa.

“I’m just going to wear this.”

He turned around. “Rachel, go get on whatever you’re going to change into. Don’t be silly. Your shirt is soaked with dirty dishwater.”

“No thanks to you.” She picked up a pillow and threw it at him. “Anyway, I thought I’d be sharing a bed for one, so I packed just a tee shirt. Not a very long one. If you know what I mean. Someone meandering down here for a midnight snack might see a little more than what they bargained for. Including you.”


About the Author:

Julieann Dove

Julieann lives in Virginia, yet longs to live everywhere else. It doesn’t come as a surprise that along with her gypsy soul, comes an active imagination. That’s why she loves to write and invent worlds and people, so that she can formulate their happily ever after. Hobbies include cooking new recipes, sewing, and spending time with her cute boyfriend/husband and five fabulous children. Vacations happen in Nantucket or the Carolina beaches—anywhere there is inspiration for her next book. One day she hopes to travel to Italy, drive one of those little cars around the countryside, and speak the language fluently!

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