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Interview with Jonas Brinkley


Stopping by Authors & Readers Book Corner today is Georgia native, Author Jonas Brinkley.  Brinkley has penned three books and continues to encourage others to always believe in themselves and to never be afraid to make a mistake. Brinkley here today to tell us a little more about himself as well as to talk about his new book, Afraid to Love You.   

A&RBC: Tells us four things you would like readers to know about you.

Jonas: I’m down to earth, my favorite color is blue, I love writing. and I love homemade lasagna.

A&RBC: Tells us four words that describe your writing style.

Jonas: Unique , Real , Heartfelt and Memorable.

A&RBC: Did life experiences influence your writing?

Jonas:  Yes

A&RBC: Tell us a little about Stephanie Dennard.

Jonas: Stephanie Dennard was a loyal hard-working parent who ended up with a sick perverted dude once her husband died in a car accident. Although this is a made up character,  I’ve come to realize that women (e.g. including young teenage girls.) do go through this kind of situation being sexually abused by their step dads or  boyfriends.

A&RBC: Tell us a little about Mike.

Jonas:  Mike was just plan sick.. I despised him myself.

A&RBC: The situation Stephanie finds herself in, having to choose between man or her children, is it one that has affected you personally?

Jonas:  No.

A&RBC: What is the central message you want readers to take from your books?

Jonas: Be careful with who you date and let around your kids. I encourage parents to be present in their kids life period. If there’s a separation for any reason , don’t let the kids suffer because of what’s going on between the couple. This will minimize the sexual abuse from someone who is not the kid’s parent.

A&RBC: Where can readers find you?

Jonas: On social media
Author J Brinkley (facebook)
Jonasb31 (Instagram)
@jonasbrinkley7 (Twitter)


About the Book

After losing her husband in a tragic accident, Stephanie Dennard finds herself a single parent of two beautiful daughters. After years of struggling alone she is suddenly swept off her feet and finds comfort in the arms of a new man, a handsome smooth talking truck driver named Mike. Mike soon moves into the home Stephanie shares with her young daughter, Anita, a teen who possessed exotic features much like her father. She had a passion for helping others and dreamed of one day becoming a nurse, just like her mother.

LaSonya, on the other hand, looked just like her mother, but possessed the business acumen of her father and pursued a career in business management. LaSonya was the perfect ‘big sister’ and loved Anita dearly.  Anita and LaSonya, both, dislike Mike but is their dislike for him misplaced or is there a more sinister side to him that hasn’t yet surfaced? Stephanie finds herself torn between the man she loves and the daughters she adores. Will she be forced to make a decision between them?

While Anita is left fighting the demons that accompany nightmares, bitter memories and depression, LaSonya is left trying her best to hold the family together, while searching for her own piece of happiness. Will the family ever regroup? Will Anita ever be the same innocent carefree spirit she once was before evil crept in to rob her of all that was pure?


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