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Interview with Sids Ahky Stevens


Stopping by for a chat today is author Sids Ahky Stevens. She is the child of a strict single-parent and the results of her father not wanting to be in her life assisted her in being a troubled kid.  When she was ten years old, she was hit by a car.  Sids’ mother wanted to protect her so  she had Sids’ grandmother to raise her.

Sids  pursued her master’s degree, established my faith, found love, and had two children.  She lost her son to sudden infant death syndrome.  After his death, She worked hard on her marriage, and soon they we’re blessed to have our beautiful daughter.  Sids  focuses on achieving more attainable goals, establish her faith, and serve her community.

 Let’s get to know a little more about Sids Ahky Stevens

A&RBC: Who is Sids Ahky Stevens?

 SAS: Sids Ahky Stevens is a black female self-published author that was looking to find happiness and self-worth.  Sids Ahky was taught good moral values by her amazing grandmother, but she just wanted to gain her parents’ approval.  Her mother tried her best, and her father made promises that he failed to keep.  She thought that having a connection with her parents defined who she was.  As time passed, she understood that she had to come into her own womanhood.  The mistakes, the challenges, and the unforeseen occurrences are a part of her growth.  Despite everything, the story, which has your everyday kitchen talk delivery, reflects how Sids Ahky is a much stronger person than she realized, and she can be loved and appreciated.  She can also use her mistakes to share with the next generation because her experiences are relevant, edgy, and most of all, it is worth being heard.

A&RBC: Do you believe people are a product of their environment?

SAS: People can be a product of their environment, but anyone is subject to change.  Your environment can help others to understand you, but at some point, you should grow.  You should not use your environment to justify unacceptable behavior, abuse your authority, mistreating others, or not stepping up to your responsibilities.

A&RBC: Do you believe you’re a better person having been through what you’ve been through?

 SAS: I am better.  I have my moments, but I keep trying to advance myself and think positive.  I strive to be around positive people that is going to uplift me.  In return, I hope to encourage others, especially the younger generation.  I want them not to make the same mistakes that I did.  If I am able to reach them with my story, I feel better knowing that I made a difference.

A&RBC: Faith and forgiveness, are they important to you?

SAS: Absolutely, both qualities complement each other.

A&RBC: Why do you believe it was the right time to write this particular book?

SAS: It is the right time because too many of our youths are making mistakes.  They need someone to be a voice to let them know that it is never too late to turn their lives around.  They have to believe that someone has their best interest at heart.

A&RBC: How did you prepare to write such an intimate book about yourself?

SAS: My book was actually a journal that I wrote 3-4 months on the subway and bus.  Once I was passionate about the story, the flow came natural.  I just wanted to get the approval of my mom.

A&RBC: What is the one thing you want readers to take from your book?

SAS: The overall message of Own Your Stupidity is to forgive others even when you think that they are not worthy of forgiveness.  We have to move forward.  Life is too short to stay hurt and waste time over the things that you can’t change.  The change starts with all of us encouraging each other.  Our youths need someone that can impart wisdom and their experiences.  When you read this book, I hope that you share it with your children and have an open discussion about this.

A&RBC: How do you feel, now that the book has been released?

SAS: I am thrill and thankful to all my supporters.  I reached my goal.  I am an author.  When I was a child, I had dreams of being an author.  Now, it is a reality, and I am grateful that I have this opportunity to tell my story.

A&RBC: What advice would you give to a young girl wanting to know how to overcome the pain of her past to move on to a positive future?

SAS: The advice that I would give a young girl is always have an experienced protector.  My protector was my grandmother.  She always had my back and inspired my mother and others through her example.  If a relative is not available, don’t be discourage.  Find someone that gives you comfort.  A friend can stick to you closer than a brother.  As long as the person is experienced and positive, embrace whoever can help.

A&RBC: Tell readers where they can find you.

SAS: Well, I am a social media addict.  I try to respond to everyone.  I am currently doing book readings.  Just check my pages for details and listings.  And also, keep on the watch for Own Your Stupidity has been picked up for a short film by We Connected Productions, LLC.


A woman examines different stages in her life, including tribulations.  Can she be a product of own environment without her biological father around?  It has an impact on many of her decisions, especially when it comes to love.  As she confronts life, she cannot deny what has been unfair to her.  With different self-examinations and growth, the unconditional love of her grandmother, and the power of forgiveness, she is able to accept her own responsibilities and still have inner peace.  By owning her truth, she has become more appreciative and thankful for the things that really do matter, her family, and her supportive friends.



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