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A Letter to My Readers: The Mystery and Suspense of the Faith Journey

The Mystery and Suspense of the Faith Journey

A letter to my readers from Tyora Moody

I’m always appreciative when readers take a chance reading one of my books. I knew when I started writing that I was attempting to write a sub-genre under African American Christian Fiction that was only done by a less than a handful of other authors. I can’t tell you how many times readers say in a review or feedback to me that they don’t normally pick up a “mystery” novel. Here some reviews…

I don’t really like mysteries, but I enjoy them when they have a good romance story line with it, and this was that type of story…. I am so ready when the new mystery series is out.

Review excerpt for When Rain Falls, Victory Gospel Series, Book 1

“Deep Fried Trouble” by Tyora Moody was a wonderful powerful read. Even though it is a mystery Christian read this author was able to deliver an excellent read that will keep you turning the pages until the end. Review excerpt for Deep Fried Trouble, Eugeena Patterson Mysteries, Book 1

This is my first book by the author and I loved it. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series. This book had me on the edge of my seat. It looks like I will be reading more suspense. I cannot wait to read more books by the author. Review excerpt for Broken Heart, Reed Family Series, Book 1


Every since my days of tackling Nancy Drew books that were passed down to me, there is something about solving a mystery that just makes for a satisfying read. I like reading books that make my skin tingle from apprehension of what’s coming around the corner. Now I will admit the as I have grown older I can’t quite handle too much grittiness or “hair standing on end” type writing. I like to sleep throughout the night. LOL!

I recently had the opportunity to visit with two book clubs for the discussion of my debut novel, When Rain Falls. One of the readers said to me as soon as she read When Rain Fall’s prologue, she put the book down. She was very honest with me about not wanting to read any further because she was a intimidated by what would come next. Here is an excerpt…

He turned his head in her direction, his narrowed eyes hunting for her. The flashing blue lights danced across his face, highlighting his light brown eyes. His lips parted showing off perfect white teeth. He’d found her. Like always his smile stopped at the curves of his mouth, never reaching his eyes. She never knew if he liked or hated her.  Sucking back air, she ducked below the window. A whimper escaped between her ragged breaths. She didn’t want him near her. Not ever again.

Don’t get me wrong, the prologue is pretty intense. It was written that way because as readers turn to Chapter 1, the girl is now an adult woman. She’s still affected by tragedy in her life. But it’s a different kind of tragedy and unfortunately, there’s more to come.

I’m happy to say the book club member did pick up When Rain Falls again. I was delighted to hear her describe how much she loved the book. I thank God that she kept reading. As the book club discussed the book, it warmed my heart that each reader came away with something more profound than just a mystery.

A woman in spite of her grief, found strength in God.

That’s why I write.

Real life has proven to be way more stranger and daunting than fiction. It’s a fact of life that tragedy, violence and evil does occur in our lives. So what do we do? We lean and trust on God whose reach into our lives is far more than we can ever imagine.

I’m deeply thankful to all readers who choose to read a book from the Victory Gospel Series, Serena Manchester Series, Eugeena Patterson Mysteries and the new series, the Reed Family Novellas. While you’re attempting to solve the who-dunnit at the same time may you be encouraged in your faith journey.


Tyora Moody






4 thoughts on “A Letter to My Readers: The Mystery and Suspense of the Faith Journey”

  1. I’ve read a couple of your books & have thoroughly enjoyed them. Have the newest one on my Kindle now to be read and will be purchasing those I don’t have soon.


  2. I’ve read all of Tyora’s books and have never been disappointed. I absolutely LOVE a suspense/mystery that makes my skin tingle, my hair stand on end and make me hold my breath from apprehension. The grittier the better. Tyora has a unique God given talent to deliver all of that without the use of foul language. I’ve found eureka in this author. God bless you Ty and keep up the awesomeness


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