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Interview with Misha Jordan, Author of Remembering Lauren


Stopping by Authors & Readers Book Corner today is former police officer turned financial analyst, Misha Jordan. She enjoys writing mysteries and thrillers. Misha is a member of the Tallahassee Writer’s Association, she actively collaborates with local writers to continually hone her craft. Her debut novel, Remembering Lauren, launched in August 2016.

Misha is a native Floridian, currently residing in Tallahassee with her husband, daughter and two adorable furr-babies. Her hobbies include cosplay at Renaissance Faires and conventions, rock painting and gaming (both table top and online).

In addition to supporting her local animal shelter and encouraging the public to adopt a pet/save a life, Misha also encourages everyone to check out the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children website ( often and really look at the pictures and information inside. You never know when you might be in a position to help a family who is missing a loved one.

Let’s get to know a little bit more about Misha Jordan.

A&RBC: Why did you choose to leave the police force to become a financial analyst?

MJ: I didn’t initially leave the police force for the financial world. There were a few stops in between. My mother was an accountant, so I’d been encouraged to take accounting courses in college to go with my law studies. When I found myself still searching for a feeling of purpose after the birth of my daughter, I went to work for a CPA firm and put those skills to work. To my surprise, I actually loved it and continued the journey from there.

 A&RBC:  What drew you to writing mysteries and suspense thrillers?

MJ: To be honest, I didn’t have a genre in mind when I began. I’d been writing short stories most of my life and they were fairly eclectic. I began writing Remembering Lauren and I let the characters tell me what genre their story fit best with.

 A&RBC:  As a former police officer did it help you in your writing Remembering Lauren?

MJ: Absolutely. You have to remember, I was a police officer before the body cams and laptops in the patrol cars. Things were very old school and policing involved more interaction with the community on a personal level. This particular story is set in a small town. Policing there can involve wearing even more hats.

 A&RBC: I see that you’re a pet lover. Do you support any animal organizations?

MJ: Yes. I am an avid supporter of my local animal shelter. Both of our dogs are adopted and we couldn’t be happier. I much prefer supporting my local animal shelter/organizations than the national ones. I know exactly where my support goes here. I see it every day.

 A&RBC: What does Misha Jordan do for fun?

MJ: Aside from writing, I enjoy painting, tabletop gaming and online gaming. I belong to several clubs that get together and play games. I take a lot of my ideas for characters from some of the conversations we have.

A&RBC: Did you self-publish Remembering Lauren?

MJ: I did. I worked very hard on it for about 9 months and self-publishing gave me the most control over the cover and venue. It has been an invaluable experience, teaching me about the business side of writing as well. With the sequel, I may attempt to go traditional publishing, if for no other reason than to compare the two experiences. 

 A&RBC: What was your biggest challenge?

MJ: For me, it was probably time and editing. I was lucky that I knew several teachers, lawyers, and other professionals willing to beta read and show me all the mistakes I’d made. I did a massive edit and re-write after that, and it probably went through about two additional editing rounds after that. I wanted to put out a quality product, not just something thrown together.

 A&RBC:Tell us about Remembering Lauren.

MJ: Remembering Lauren isn’t really about Lauren. It’s about the main character, Nikki. She went through a horrible event where she lived. She’s had a hard life and didn’t have the support system many of us do. This story is about how she chose to deal with what happened to her and how she used that to end up helping someone else, which gave her the strength to do her own healing.

 A&RBC: Tell us about Nikki Freeman.

MJ: Nikki is fierce. She’s independent, a little jaded in some areas, but still naïve in others. She’s had to rely on herself most of her life and that has caused her to build walls around herself that are tough to get through. She also goes through a bit of culture shock in moving from a city environment to a very small town. The entire dynamic is different and she feels like a fish out of water.

 A&RBC: The story is set in Florida, is this a state that is familiar to you?

MJ: Yes. I was born in South Florida and grew up in various parts of it. I lived in large cities like Miami and very small towns as well. Aside from a few brief times in other states, I’ve grown up in Florida and very much consider it to be my home.

 A&RBC: What is your favorite quote?

MJ: It’s actually something I saw in college that I’m sure is not actually an Egyptian saying, but this is how it was when I found it. “Trust your neighbors, but keep your camel tethered.” – An old Egyptian saying.

Something about this quote makes me laugh every time and it has fueled many a short story.

 A&RBC: Where can readers find you?

MJ: The easiest way is through my website There are links on my website to my Facebook Author Page, my Twitter account and direct email. I’m also on Goodreads and my book can currently be found on

About Remembering Lauren


After a brutal attack in the city leaves her scarred, Nikki Freeman flees to the sleepy little town of Glenwood, Florida for a chance to regroup and find peace again. Small town living brings challenges of its own and she struggles to find her place in this deep rooted community. What she doesn’t count on is discovering Glenwood has a few not-so-sunny secrets hidden in its recent history.

Encouraged by her new friends and haunted by her past, Nikki delves into the mystery of a young girl who vanished seven years earlier, the night before Prom. Had she not survived her own attacker, would she have been forgotten as well? As her investigation leads to unexpected places, she’s forced to ask herself just how much she’ll risk to find a stranger.

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