Book Review: Aaron’s Collection by Sierra York


Title: Aaron’s Collection

Author: Sierra York

Publication Date: June 2, 2016

Rating: 4 Stars=Great Page Turner

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Aaron Cabot is every woman’s dream, a man with his own, a multi-million dollar business, nice car, nice home but he is missing something or should I say someone. It can’t be just anyone even though he has a friend with benefit. No, this woman stays on his mind and even more so when he spots her in a club and comes to her rescue. Can this be the beginning of something between them? Will Aaron’s dream of being with her come true?

Julie Hill hadn’t thought about the jock from high school in a long time. She’s been concentrating on taking care of her mother and helping out a friend. Now, Julie is thinking about the jock from her high school that she believes would never give her the time of day. Julie is thinking of him now since he just saved her. It would be great to start a relationship with him, but wait he might still be out of her league.

This three volume collections of Aaron and Julie had me rapidly turning the pages. The suspense of them connecting or not connecting had me on the edge of my seat. To go so long and not know both of them felt the same way was driving me crazy and I’m not even in the story. I loved the way the author broke it up into one book but with three volumes. This allowed me to receive Aaron’s perspective; Julie’s perspective and the last volume brought everything together. I believe this book had a great plot, well-developed characters, which made me want to invest in them. I would love to read about Aaron and Julie in a future book. I definitely recommend Aaron’s Collection to others.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley


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