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My First Launch: A Special Mother’s Day Weekend

A Tribute to My Mother Reverend Betty L. Saunders

I was inspired to write my books because of my mother who had passed from Alzheimer’s so when I decided to have my first book signing for Through The Fire it seemed only right to have it Mother’s Day Weekend. It would be my tribute to my late mother Reverend Betty L. Saunders.

Working closely with the publishing company on the final galley, planning when it would go to the printer I ordered 100 copies of my book, a book signing kit, and marketing kit so that I could plan, promote, and market to my audience in enough time to have a successful event.

The event was held it at an art gallery called Linen Life in San Leandro, California the Saturday before Mother’s Day in 2012. I sent out invitations via Facebook, Evite, Meetup, and mail. There were press releases sent to the local newspapers. Friends, Family, Church Members, Co-workers, the general public were in attendance. I asked my local hair salon if I could put a poster in her window for support.

Being creative I used the book cover as my theme, which had daisies so I had vases with daisies in each table, bookmarks, and small postcards that had synopsis of what the book was about as well as the ISBN number for those who might purchase at a later date.

Park of the package at the venue included wine, iced tea beverages and I provided cheeses and crackers for the guests to enjoy while listening to my readings.

I hired a close friend to sit at a separate table and collect payment using my IPad and Square for credit card payments. All I had to do during intermission was sit, autograph books, and take pictures with those attending.

Also what I did was go to a local drug store and get a journal for those attending to sign in and that was the beginning of my first mailing list.

When the clock stroke one o’clock I was positioned at the microphone, a stand to hold my book and I became as one with the audience their energy helped it to be a successful event. I read from the book, answered questions, and even shed some tears when reading a piece called “Clear” which was about losing my mother. The nerves that were bundled up before stepping on the stage had ceased. I knew at that moment that this was my purpose. I was a writer, a poet, and a self published author.

That book signing I sold the most books than I ever have since. People were calling me afterwards asking to order books for friends and family members. The book had taken a life of its own and I was just a vessel. It was bittersweet because afterwards my siblings who came to support me had gone home and read the book. They were very angry with me because though the book was therapeutic for myself it shed light on a sensitive subject domestic violence and that was supposed to be a secret not to be shared outside of the immediate family. They had invited their friends to the book signing who now were reading the book and knew what they had hidden in the back of their memories. They misunderstood why I wrote the book it wasn’t to bring shame but to celebrate the triumphs of the woman we called our mother and the challenges that she faced.

It was my first book signing and I felt accomplished yet a piece of me was left on that stage!

Patricia Saunders was born and raised in Connecticut before relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area. She recently received her Master’s in Management from the University of Phoenix. After the passing of her mother who had Alzheimer’s, Patricia decided that all the words that she kept to herself were to be released. Situations, circumstances, and life lessons have influenced her. She works as a supervisor for a corporate organization. In her spare time, Patricia enjoys writing poetry, traveling, and wine tasting. Visit Patricia on the web



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