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My Character Twin with M. C. Walker

My Character Twin

Who is Monica Charles? Monica Charles is a single thirty-something outspoken, free spirited, ambitious, and a bit eccentric modern day woman. Monica creates her own rules and follows her gut instinct. I’m still learning to trust my gut and break only a few rules. When I wrote the novel One More Thing. I wanted to create a female character that a variety of women could relate to in modern society. She fun and youthful, she has an identity of her own and people will be able to who she is and whom she is becoming as a woman. It was important for me to have Monica to be relatable not just physical characteristics, also in substance. I didn’t want a one-dimensional story of just two lovers rekindling a romance. I wanted to explore the layers of their lives. A lot of times in fiction we meet these perfected characters with presumably good lives that are faced with real world dilemma’s. I don’t think readers always want that perfect life on the page. They want messy, complicated, and real characters who are still trying to figure it out one day at a time. I know I am and so is Monica.

It was my intention to make Monica ugly beautiful. Stunningly beautiful on the outside and a bit of a puzzle on the inside. Like, me she is slow to open and express her true feelings until she is comfortable. Monica is a complex young woman with big dreams. She readily expresses herself through dance or creative expression via body art. Although we live in a society where tattoos are common. Not everyone is receptive to people with piercings and tattoos. Monica and I are twins at the core. She is a hopeless romantic, not in a prince charming way. However, her spirituality centers her and allows her to believe that love is a possibility. It’s not an elusive creature that we pursue aimlessly throughout our lives. Love is possible at any age.

I am very ambitious and stubborn about my goals. For a long time, I felt like I needed confirmation from those around me to pursue my dreams. When all along my confirmation was inside of me. Monica doesn’t care what people think or say, she follows her gut. Her gut is never wrong. I believe we all have a gift and it deserves to be shared amongst the world. Monica has always dreamed of being a dancer since childhood. I wanted to give her a dream that is not only realistic, yet challenging on many levels. I wanted to create a character that believes in creative expression. The arts are very near and dear to my heart and I’m all about living purposefully. Monica and I are twins when it comes to matters of the heart the most. I am a giver in the relationship. I give all of me to my partner until there is nothing left. Monica is a little bit more guarded with her heart, yet she doesn’t give it away easily. Once she’s in sync with her partner there is no turning back. We both share the desire to take a risk and allow love to open endless doors of possibilities. Do I believe you can have more than one love in your lifetime? Of course. Monica and I are both strong women whom are on a journey of self-discovery and love. Every year of our lives will demand a different version of ourselves and it’s up to us to meet or exceed our own expectations. Live out loud unapologetically.

M. C. Walker is a native of Atlanta, Georgia who at a young age was always nestled in a corner reading a book or at a local bookstore. She is an author, publisher, blogger and ghostwriter. Walker released her debut novel One  More Thing on March 31, 2017. Learn more about M.C. Walker and her work at



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